Looking Back Last Year…


A few days ago, I found this article. At the same time, I realize I am at the right moment last year where I decided I should resign. There you go. If you ask me if I regret that decision, I’ll say, ‘No, I’m not’. Yes, I didn’t have the same payment or status. But I still didn’t regret it.

The article describe just how bad work can be worse than unemployment. No, not amount of money is enough to be replace for your happiness. A few things I miss about being in an office; status, steady income, health insurance. But that isn’t the one that will make me smile or feel warm. Or simply, a healthy mind.

To make a clear case about that article, I’ll share a story about my friend, let’s call him Ernie. Ernie is one of the person I look up to in my work place. He have worked in production houses, have broad network, and still maintain his idealistic concept though working in such high demanding commercial industry. He’s pretty artistic and have won award for his work.

Then until one moment, he got sick. Very often. He can miss work for months until it concerned everyone, including the human resources. The doctor said he doesn’t have any particular disease. His sickness just went for a while, I never see him anymore. In the end, he resigned.

Then I met him last year, looking healthy. Then I asked him, “So, it’s cured? Your sickness?” He said, “It’s because I have resigned.”

Maybe it is forbidden in every ‘tips to quit your job’ to not have a new job before resigning. But who’s feeling worse everyday? You. I know, the bills. But if you do good in your life, and especially if you believe in God, don’t you believe the door you close will open new doors? A better one.

But you know, just do what you have to do. Because it’s your life. Just make sure you’re happy everytime you see the sunshine.


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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