An Ideal Space To Write


I think most people probably think writers or bloggers can just write anywhere, or anytime. Or just bring their laptop to coffee shop. But the truth is, it isn’t that simple. Reading this post, I realize more that we have to have a space to write first.

This hit me when my will to write came to me a while ago (and today) when I wake up, made and ate my breakfast, and it was raining outside. My place felt silent and the air was just nice cool. It happened twice, the last is as I type this post. I realize that my rented house is hot on usual days and living with another person can distract you a lot, especially when your computer is on the center of the house.

I remembered about 5 years ago, my mother asked me to accompany her to come to her college reunion in her friend’s house. I thought, yeah okay, but thinking how fun visiting places in Bandung, never thought that the house itself that wowed me the most. The house was in the higher ground of Bandung, so the air was cool and it was a bit cloudy then. The house didn’t have a wide space but it had three stories with enough space of beautiful garden in front and back. And from the view of the house was the city of Bandung. It was gorgeous and just relaxing to be there. And immediately, I can see myself sitting in front of the large window with my laptop (or even typewriter!) and writing happily. This is the ideal space to write.

The other time my will to write came when I was assigned to work in a city somewhere in the East of Indonesia for a couple of days. For some reason, I got a room just for myself (usually to cut budget they put two crews in one room) and the room was in a different floor from any other crew. I think there was just me in that floor, or that floor was just quiet. And like every work trip for my work, you bring laptop and several computer items. There was wi-fi available too. I posted like two posts and one draft, the writing just flow like that. The feeling of owning that place and time just for you to write was liberating. Reminder : I was single and lived in my mother’s house with two sisters and a niece, so sometimes it felt crowded. But after a while, writing alone can feel isolated.

But after consistently writing for a blog for five years, it’s not that usual conditions weren’t comfortable to write. My usual space when I was single was my room in the second floor. That second floor was empty after my sister got married. So I got the floor just for myself. I always write when I’m sure there won’t be any distraction for a couple of hours.

Now? Well, it’s just getting challenging. But perhaps I was getting lazy to set my space and energy to write. Or I just couldn’t stand the heat.

What about you? What’s your ideal space to write?


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

9 thoughts on “An Ideal Space To Write”

  1. My ideal space to write is when I’m home alone, and it’s nice and silent, without my mother clanging about in the kitchen and the TV off.

    I do mentally write on bike rides, though. Planning before I actually sit down.

    1. Yes mother in the kitchen, sometimes can call you asking for help. So sometimes I wrote after lunch/dinner. Yes tv can be distracting. Mentally write definitely a good start

  2. My ideal place to write is the peaceful balcony of my home but since I don’t get much time at home, the ideal place for me has become my office desk where I just sit with my laptop and pour my notions into blogs whenever I get some free time off the work. Nice post 🙂

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