Movies Every Woman Should See

Woman in movies, never I thought that it would be a great topic to talk about, especially to feature in this blog. I saw several articles about movies every woman should see. But I couldn’t help but think about my own version. Since I got married and carrying a baby, I began to think about the role of woman in every aspects and not just about empowerment or being equal. Of course, every movie has an angle and its own perception on it, but some need to be seen by every woman.

Perhaps I haven’t watch all movies about women, but at least these movies I picked sure help me see how woman can go through some tough life lessons and life phases (spoilers may occur) :

An Education (2009)

 photo an_education2_zpslinbhqz8.jpg

Women in today’s generation and even during my generation (born in ’80s and raised through 90s) have told to get their education and follow their dreams. No, there’s no room for figuring out your dreams sometimes, you just have to pick your path. But deep down, every woman have hope to be with their man of their dreams. Some think it’s a shortcut for happy ending. For Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a straight A-student, it seem like all is set to get her highest education and dream, until a bright wealthy man stole her heart. It’s not only a ‘lesson’ not to jump too soon for anything when you’re young, be careful with your steps, but learning that feelings can be misleading. Education is important, for your own provision.

Mean Girls (2004)

 photo mean girls_zpsunsiuqrm.jpg

Why girls sometimes can be competitive these days, not with their brains but with their looks and popularity is a big concern. Cliques and social groups, sometimes blinded you to feel exclusive while very often they limit you to grow. Sure, we need to take care of our body and look properly, but it shouldn’t be your only focus. It’s the 2010s, even supermodels have brains. Most importantly, spend a little less time gossiping and being mean to each other, makes your life balanced.

Monalisa Smile (2003)


While An Education is about staying sane while you’re in love, Monalisa Smile is about different perspective on your dreams. When I saw this movie in my 20s, I felt look at those who choose to get married after college is a bit shallow. But now I’m married, I figured, who am I to judge if the person’s actually prepared and happy with their choices? Every girl is different and unique, entitled with their mind and choices. Choosing to follow your dreams also can be rewarding and exhausting at the same time, could also make you neglect other aspect in life like personal life and whether you want to have a life partner. Every choices has their own consequences and pluses.

The Help (2011)

 photo thehelp_zpswwwuehlo.jpg

The Help ‘s bottom line is about differences, social status and races, humanity. Every woman is a human, a sister and mother. Some people feel threatened with differences and felt the need to make them selves exclusive by oppressing another. It’s important to remember that everybody is basically the same, though have different looks and roots. There’s also a concern on raising kids here in the movie, how some women refuse to do the dirty work but losing bonding time with their children. Following the right thing to do and following your dreams with the risk of losing your cliques is also something to learn about.

Working Girl (1988)
 photo working-girl- copy_zps525tsvg2.jpg

Nevermind the big ’80s hair and shoulder pads, Working Girl to me is a classic movie about a woman trying to achieve success on her career. It’s not about youth or age, it’s about determination. People will always look you down, and there’s a lot of competitors out there like you. What makes you different? Sure, pursuing career is different in ’80s and now. But hard work will always pay for success. What amazed me was Working Girl is about a determined woman in her 30s, not stepping back even if she’s not as young.

All About Eve (1950)
 photo all_about_eve__zpsort1rfhu.jpg

It’s not new that women can be at the top of the world at their careers. What’s great is when they are faced with challenges and their own nature to settle down. Margo Channing is the top play actress when a younger actress kick her down and she must hit bottom to walk further. I think most women today compete to be the best or the greater than other that they forget they will one day must balance their career and personal life, and it’s tougher these days to do that. Ambition is great to achieve success, but it’s not everything on the table.

Philomena (2013)
 photo philomena_zps3xxuzya0.jpg

Once women got married (or in one phase of her life), they usually enter motherhood. Being a mother is a noble thing and require all your soul. But for Philomena, she must be apart with her own child since little. Being aged now, she trace her child to see her. Based on a true story, what amazed me was her big heart to let go of all the past and pain, which is a character of a mother should have. What a trait for a woman, making her even more beautiful.

Wild (2014)
 photo wild03-1_zpsjnsyrdut.jpg

While Wild looks like a woman brave enough to walk alone in nature, but it is also about pulling yourself together after a big loss and failure in life. Perhaps you don’t have to be like Cheryl Strayed, but you can make a big commitment to change to be a better you. Past can be painful, but it takes courage to accept it and be a bigger person.


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Do you have anything to add up, or lose on this list? What do you think?


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