5 Favorite ‘FRIENDS’ Celebrity Guest Stars

Okay, FRIENDS geek, I have one post for you. I love the series so much, I still watch it on cable, even though we paid more for HBO. I think, I must have watched most episode for 30 times. But among all, I really love it when they have guest stars that stands out on their own with their bold characters. They are also celebrities that have their own stardom, really brighten up the show. Here’s 5 of them :

  1. Christina Applegate

Being Rachel’s middle sister, Christina really managed to be the annoying self-centered girl who is all about material and looks. She even played for two episodes. But I loved them all.

2. Brad Pitt

I was impressed on how the writers would make a story about Brad Pitt’s character, considering back then he was dating Jennifer Anniston and was the favorite celebrity couple. I know they must’ve scratched their heads thinking both ways whether the couple last or not in time. But making Brad Pitt as Rachel’s strong haters should work in any scenario.

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.

I was also impressed on how Freddie Prinze perform as a lovable male nanny, which bugs Ross. His addition without expectation really brought fresh color to the group. I wish he could come back in another episode.

4. Winona Ryder

You don’t see a lot of Winona Ryder when the episode airs (or even after it aired). She could combine cuteness and annoying as Rachel’s girlfriend at college.

5. Alec Baldwin

It was so hilarious when someone too positive is around you. As Phoebe’s date, Baldwin looked quite a potential, but his positive and dramatic outlook on life annoys the group.

Honorable mention : Ben Stiller

I used to be a bit surprised seeing Ben Stiller in Friends, is different from his most character as comedian; as someone with anger problem. However, it was entertaining seeing him in the show.

What about you? Who is the celebrity guest star you loved starring on Friends?


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