Should We Hate Like We Hate Today

It has been part of my job desk as a content creator/freelancer to find viral news on the web. Almost everyday I check what’s happening and who’s on the spotlight. Many times I have to make news about celebrities or people that got famous within a day (social media effect). The huge factor why a news become a news is always because we (viewers/netters) paid attention to it.

Joey Alexander, the 12th year old Jazz Musician got 2 Grammy nominations this year

When it’s a good news, proud ones for the nation, like Joey Alexander got 2 Grammy nominations earlier this year, it is great. Compliments come pouring everywhere. Sometimes I even think people just got blinded over the Grammy label and just got high over it.

But when it’s bad, it can become really bad. I am talking about haters.

It has become almost an everyday routine for me to read people’s reaction to the breaking news. And people can get really harsh, really mean and heartless. I wonder how they can have the time to just type those hateful words on the web, when they also can type the good ones? The problem is, whether all the hate necessary. Did the subject really deserve all the hate? Or we all just use it to channel our madness towards the things that angers us? Sometimes these haters even fight on the reply/comments section!

Recent ‘hateful’ subjects, like Zaskia Gotik (who got bullied because she said ‘offensive word’ to the national symbol), Sonya Depari (a high schooler who claimed to be the general’s daughter when facing a police), and the woman who have the most haters I know, Mulan Jameela (who is known to make famous musician couple divorced, and then marries the man), are the subjects I consider got over-bullied by people. Mulan got her own hater account (an account just to hate her) and many got mean memes. I wonder how they can deal with all the hate, it must have been a big challenge.


Some people can handle the hate, even counting on them to be famous. You can say Donald Trump is one of them. Kanye West seem to be comfortable with it (or depend on it). Ahmad Dhani as well (coincidentally Mulan’s husband).

People like Deddy Corbuzier can even find the hater and give them the punishment. Shockingly he found that one of his haters is a 30-40 year old divorced guy, possibly channeling his anger towards his failed marriage.

My point is, sometimes there’s a little more than just hate/bully than someone’s foolish act. You spent some time to harshly judge someone on the spotlight, but when you did it, you unconsciously making yourself as low as that someone you hate. This is almost the same as a direct bully in school or social groups. Someone just happen to be a great target for someone’s unhappiness.

It saddens me, just how much hate spreading on social media. Especially when we provoke other people to also hate. It’s a vicious chain that doesn’t get you anywhere but feeling cynical and superior, which is negative act. When really, the table can turn, someday you can also be judged harshly by people.

I admit that sometimes I got the itch to be cynical, commenting things on the web. But many times I just don’t have the time to type hateful words. Or I didn’t want to because I don’t see the benefit. Sometimes I even feel bad after sharing cynical comments, since it wasn’t nice and I felt I just made myself a bad trace.

But I can finally express my concern towards the hate on the web. Should we hate that much? Is that someone deserve all the ‘punishment’? Or, you have some unresolved anger within you?

Think wise before you type.


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

3 thoughts on “Should We Hate Like We Hate Today”

  1. We need less hate in the world. Unfortunately it’s so easy to anonymously be rude on the internet with no consequences for the bad behavior.

    1. Yes it is. I think there’s always consequences even when it doesn’t appear. You’ll feel negative at least, and have a ‘hate record’ on the internet

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