Random Thoughts : Moving Out, Moving In While Pregnant

moving out – image from wimp.com
  • We have finally moved all the stuffs from the previous house to the new home. When I say ‘us’ I mean my hubby and the family & friends. My pregnancy doesn’t allow me to get too much lifting, I only carry light ones (most of it). My friends warn me to be careful.
  • It’s pretty stressful because of some technical points like trying to find the proper truck and driver to deliver the stuffs. Hubby also felt overwhelmed because I couldn’t help much. Several days he got tired and must rest first before continue moving. We stayed at his parents house which was nice but for a while I felt uncomfortable for making a hassle. Plus our laundry is piling up like a mountain :/
  • The owner of the previous rented house was always nice. We tried to make our relationship good to each other. When we pick up our last stuffs, I feel sad for leaving the place since they were quite sincere and kind. I remembered during big holidays, the madam would bring us her homemade holiday food (for a newly wed and just-started-learning-to-cook-wife, I was so grateful). Some other times she gave us starfruit from her own tree. Wished I finish my idea to give her my homemade simple pudding on Ied Fitri, but it was during my mourning days when my dad passed away.
image from livestrong.com
  • We’re so bad at packing. I know I have pinned some great packing tips, but they were almost all out of the window because of the unsure day of moving. I actually loved doing some organizational things if all packing tool is provided. But it was such a challenge. I think my pregnancy also made me forgetful.
  • Anyways, now that most stuff have already on its place over at the new home, I am loving the air and spacious rooms. But it’s a bit noisy on the other side of the house since we’re next to a playgroup school. I guess no place or nothing will ever be perfect.
  • Meanwhile I am bummed with the fact that I missed the finale episode of Togetherness, which I expressed my disappointment on how HBO cancels the show here. This new spot, the new home require us to find new cable provider and hubby forgot to add HBO channels. I doubt that they will do a rerun 😦 Perhaps they will show it On Demand.


  • I also followed the show Married at First Sight season 3. I have been watching since season 1. Knowing that I might not have Lifetime channel again in the new cable, I googled the end result and was not surprised. The show lacked its edge since the 1st season, I think.
  • Thank God I was able to do my laundry today, I am this close to wear my least comfortable pregnant clothes, a.k.a will be tight to wear, a.k.a torturing me
  • You should have seen my swollen feet! I hardly recognize it. Is that you, my feet? Hands also felt aching and a bit swollen.
  • At least the exhaustion of moving made me sleep better. I was constantly glued to the bed once I finished dinner and lay down. Very easy to sleep.
  • Also, moving out really solved the problem of sorting things you didn’t need anymore. And, redo your home organization better.
  • My freelance work also piling up. Just started to paid my dues today.
  • And, now I got sleepy again. So, see you another day. Have a great Monday!

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