Cat Purrs

I love cats. Have them when I was a kid. Now sometimes I wish I have a cat. Every once in a while I enjoy watching funny cat videos on social media from my friends or people.

Couple of days ago, I discovered that cat purrs have healing powers! Makes me think owning a cat could be really great. Here’s an English image version of cat purrs healing powers I found on Pinterest : image

Wow. What about you? Do you love cats?


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8 thoughts on “Cat Purrs”

  1. We have 2 cats and I love them. I got them when I moved out on my own and I wanted someone to greet me when I get home from work. They can be very annoying at times, but most often you don’t even know they live with us lol and I have to agree with the picture you posted. There are a lot of sayings that cats can be true healers and I can say that I do not remember the last time I got really-really sick within the past 6 years since we got the cats. If my chest feels a bit congested when I go to sleep, I would wake up in the middle of the night with one of the cats on my chest purring…they just know!! I had some knee issues a few yrs back and they would take turns on sleeping on top of the covers and on my knee.

    1. Wow that’s quite magical. Perhaps they already have connection with you so they knew. Still, that’s just sweet and amazing! Did you have to train them to dispose their litter? Cause that’s one thing that make me think again to have one

      1. no training required 🙂 I took the 2 of them (brother and sister) at 2 months old. They lived outside my dad’s house with their mom and 4 other siblings. They didn’t know about litter box or anything like that. I took them inside my house and took both straight to the litter box so they see where it is. The boys started sniffing the box and sand all over, then he picked a corner and peed a little. The girl walked around too and when she sniffed his pee, she peed a little to and covered both spots. Then they jumped out of the box. NEVER had an accident with them… They are now both inside and outside cats and use the litter box and summer time mostly do they business outside. I live in the countryside and some of my neighbours have cats too – during the summer my cats love to go outside at night and play with the neighbourhood cats lol

  2. A neighborhood cat often sits outside where I live, I am honestly a bit scared when it stares at me or makes weird noises in the night. I’m more comfortable with dogs. I guess the cat is useful for catching mice 🙂

    1. Oh so you’re afraid of cats. I am used to cats because they were around when I was a kid. A dog however frightens me a little, but my friend’s golden retriever was so adorable several years ago when I met him that I become warm to it. Still, afraid of the teeth and they can be so big

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