Stones in My Funky Suitcase


For today’s post, I am borrowing the topic from the Daily Post, which is suitcase. It’s a rather funny story about me and my luggage/suitcase when I was traveling to my homeland, Ternate, which is in North Mollucas, in the east part of Indonesia 7 years ago.

Back then, I haven’t visited Ternate for 20 years. Which means, last time I visited the land was when I was 2 years old. My mom had asked me to accompany her bringing my late aunt back to Ternate, as she was diagnosed for stadium 4 cancer. Though I was sad seeing my aunt’s condition, I was excited to see Ternate. The place is known for beautiful sea and fresh seafood. It’s also where my family roots come from.

Once we got there, I was immediately hooked to the place. The air, the deep blue sea, just everything quite radiates the sense of my belonging there. It all made sense, I know the land is where I come from.

Aside from bringing my aunt back, mom took me to some beautiful landmarks. One moment, she took time to stop in front of the beach where there’s lots of rocks. She said, the salted water could heal our skin allergies. Also, she encourage me to take some stones from there. The stones could be a tool to clean the soles of our feet. I took several, but for nostalgic reasons. Just a mini souvenir to remember the land.

The day we got to go home, I took those stones on my suitcase. I should tell you about my funky suitcase. It was my mother’s, as I don’t travel a lot and don’t have one. It was tosca color, hardcase and old style, with several old stickers. I think my sister laughed at my suitcase, but I only care about seeing my destination. Plus, it’s not like I went to a big city, like New York or something. Ternate’s airport is small and pretty simple, unlike gigantic ones you have in big cities.

So me and my mother went to the airport to finally get back to Jakarta. And when they checked our suitcases, the staff had to open mine. He pointed one item he couldn’t recognized from my suitcase. And I couldn’t identify them, as I didn’t know what it was. So he opened the funky suitcase. And there it was… The stones!

I felt a bit of ashamed, especially seeing my clothes out on the open as well. I mean, finding a stone in my funky suitcase? That’s just so…unlikely, and what are the odds?? The guy must’ve think I’m a weirdo. What on Earth could possibly the reason why a girl carry some stones to the big city? But instead, he closed back my suitcase and carry on. I think my mom explained it to him. But I didn’t think it mattered. Perhaps, it wasn’t the first time? Or, people do love to collect the stones from the land. I’m just glad we didn’t attract attention, to my funky suitcase and my stones. Perhaps I was the one thinking I am the cool big city girl.

So, there it was. The story of how bunch of stones in my funky suitcase have made the airport staff suspicious. I still have those stones somewhere. I like to hold it and remember the blue sea of Ternate. Thinking I belong there and one day I’ll be back. Now there’s a story about my suitcase.

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3 thoughts on “Stones in My Funky Suitcase”

  1. I stuff my suitcase with all sorts of souvenirs from everywhere I go! Just like you, I like to keep the memory alive. I brought back stones, broken glass from the beach, sea shells, sand, perfect leaves, small tree branches and the regular small things you can purchase 🙂

      1. actually no, nothing from the airport security… I try to get different items and if I can I would mark them too – stones I usually use a black marker to write country where from.

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