Quirky Pregnancy Illustration

What a day. Still handling laundry and errands. Also, a bit more extra handling pregnancy.

I was a bit paranoid about my stomachache this evening, afraid that I was about to do labor (aside from the pain & mental, not exactly prepared other aspects yet). But as the pain goes, my friend said it was a false contraction that’s just a ‘preview’. I did ate a Pempek (a fried shrimp based Indonesian snack with acid-sweet sauce) this afternoon a little too much.

Anyway, today I found a Graphic Designer/Illustrator’s work on pregnancy that totally fits my condition :

I am always hungry (well every 2 hrs at least)
I fantasize sometimes about food I could not eat during pregnancy
Almost everything is swollen
Whatever I do, you're coming with me, baby

The talented illustrator is Marie-Charlotte Yao or Macha from France. Check out her other work here : http://macha.me/en/


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sunglow mama

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