The following quote I get from Pevita Pearce’s (Indonesian actress) instagram account. Now, I’m not her fan. Her instagram account just so happens one of the famous people social media I came across for my work.

Pevita just got her breast tumor removed and while she smiled always in every picture in her instagram account, she never said that she got the tumor until the surgery is about to happen. She claimed to cry before the surgery, but when it was over she smiled to the camera and said thanks to her fans for the prayers. Then, she uploaded this quote which quite touched me.

It reminded me how everyday we have our own struggles and battles. It slapped my cynical self that some people still smile even after having troubles in life, troubles that are way harder than ours. Because getting frustrated and sad and angry, and devastated is so easy.

I have some references how life can make someone be bitter and hard, and I just don’t want to be like that. I must surpass that level.

Smile, or be bigger than the problem, because it is harder and it can free yourself from the tangles of life. Maybe troubles are there to remind us to be grateful, or to be a better person.

Maybe it doesn’t matter at all. Maybe just look at the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff.


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sunglow mama

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