Life Without A Computer

I wish I can do more knitting ~ image from here

It’s really common these days to do anything with a computer. In fact, you just have to ‘touch’ it everyday, if only for checking your Facebook or else.

Me, as far as I know, have been ‘interacting’ with computer since last years elementary school (that’s like 20 years ago!). I took computer lessons. Back then, the computer was still in monochrome display and the system was MS DOS. The games in it was just Tetris and Pac Man, and Digger. I did learned about graphic design few years later, but during those first times using computer, I was fond of the program called Banner, which is a program focused on designing text (for/like a banner). It was very simple, but I really enjoyed it.

Now, we can ‘hold’ the computer. They are formed with gadgets and smartphones. It is quite impossible now to imagine living without it. Best comes to mind if that ever happens, is get lost in the woods and the battery is out. Even so, I don’t think living without computer is the worst thing of all. Living without water and food is.

So, imagining life without computer for me, probably I would do more arts and crafts. I would write with typewriter (even now I am considering it! It felt vintage and vivid. I blame the movie Ruby Sparks). I would sketch in a sketch book (I used to draw with pen in blank notes on my elementary-junior high school days). I would start doing gardening. Maybe cook more or try baking. Ummm, sounds like I am more productive without the machine??

Perhaps, we’ll return to do writing in letters and postcards (sounds exciting). I used to have penpal and receiving her letter does felt more real. She lived in US and we traded our local postcards. It was exciting but it took me a long time receiving her mail, sometimes I forgot I have a penpal. Not sure it was the mail or she just took a while to return my letter.

Life without computer maybe not the worst thing at all. Maybe it felt like a stepback, considering it is a form of technology and should help us do things faster and easier. But maybe we’ll satisfied more with life and connect more. Maybe the chance to chat with people in the bus or shop is bigger, getting to know strangers that could be our future friend.

I know there’s this hipster movement to do DIY and manual stuff, instead of depending on machine, like in the movie While We’re Young (2014). Now it is the new modern, doing things handmade. But being dependent to computer still is a bigger threat.

What about you? What would your life be without computer?


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6 thoughts on “Life Without A Computer”

  1. OMG I took same courses in school. My dad was an IT person ever since I can remember and when ppl asked me what I want to be when I grow up I would say “what daddy does”. Right now my whole life involves some sort of technology.. I work on the computer all day, my phone is always close by, BUT when it’s time to go home I shut it all down. I barely answer my phone in the evening (thank god for caller ID so i can screen my calls lol). We don’t have good internet at home, we use a hot spot, so that forces me to limit my exposure to the laptop! which I find as a great bonus… everything can wait! 🙂

  2. sorry your actual question was “where would your life be without computers”… on a FARM!! surrounded by different animals. I would still have a smartphone for the obvious reasons… This is actually a goal I am working on 😉 first step: sell our current place.

    1. Yes, I think after dealing with computer so much, you just need to unplug. Just enough and time for doing the real life (not virtual). I also used to work with computer all day, now just 2-3 hours top. But I always carry my phone

  3. I actually tried not to touch my computer before dinnertime. I can’t believe how productive I had become when I did that, so I think life without the computer should be fine. I have found a lot of more meaningful activities which was “sabotaged” by technology, especially social network.
    And I agree with the previous commenter.. without the computer, I would also be in a farm, probably doing my garden… or playing with my dog. Or knitting. Or reading books. Or baking.

    But of course, I would miss doing this — bloghopping

    1. Not touching computer at night is a great idea, especially at least an hour before sleep. Maybe not touching computer can be a good goal to be productive. Thank you for your comment!

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