Love : Tulus and Davy Linggar

Before I am a wife, I took multimedia class in college and always have interest on multimedia formats. So sometimes I can be a bit geeky about films and videos. I also used to edit videos for several years. Some artsy stuff could impress me once in a while. One of them now is Tulus and Davy Linggar.

Tulus is a name of a well-known male singer who become famous in Indonesia for the past 3 years. The meaning of his name is ‘sincere’ which reflects his pop jazz songs and beautiful voice, very tender but catchy.

I don’t remember how I started listening to his songs, but I was one of the many music fans who love hearing his hit single, Baru and Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya. His voice and music is so soothing, can calm you in any day. Then I started to search for his music video and became more amazed.

I know Davy Linggar is an artist. His work isn’t exactly formed in one medium only. You can see his work in photography and any other art form. But I noticed that he is the videographer of Tulus‘ music video. Rarely any Indonesian musician/artist/band can have such great music video, especially when your career is new. With so many clips I saw, there’s some music video formula that bore me usually. But I really love how the music blend with the visuals. Seriously, Davy Linggar is genius.

You can see Tulus & Davy Linggar music clips here :

Possibly my favorite from all their collaboration, Baru

The newest clip and hit single by Tulus, Pamit

Tulus also loved working with Davy Linggar :

And, Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya (Don’t Love Me As I Am).

I always thought from the lyrics, the song is about a woman who had an unhealthy view of relationship. The one girl who always said yes to the guy without seeing his flaws, but the clip really elevate it, making it about a dedicated loving wife. I kind of love it, really speaks to me. (this is very funny. I made this post to put off my mind from my pregnancy, but instead the clip is about a woman going into labor. I never saw the clip before I made this post. What?? This is surely a ‘coincidence’.)

I wish I can found out what other music clips Davy Linggar ever worked on, not much info I saw on internet. All I know, one of the clips I like from him is Agnes Monica’s (Now known for Agnez Mo) Karena Ku Sanggup.

Anyway, have you heard Tulus’ music? Or, what musician and videographer collaboration do you love?


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2 thoughts on “Love : Tulus and Davy Linggar”

  1. Another masterpiece of Davy Linggar: Maudy Ayunda – Untuk Apa
    Raisa – Kali Kedua (coming soon)

    You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

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