Weekly Photo Challenge : Admiration

It’s been too long not joining the weekly photo challenge. This week’s challenge is admiration. I don’t have have a particular person to admire, so I am picking what people tend to forget to be grateful for. Too much receiving it could be bad, but not receiving it much could affect your health and mood.

It’s…the sunshine.

front view from my new place

This morning I saw the sun was shining warm and bright in my front porch, as we were getting ready to go to our ultrasound (baby’s fine but the position needs to be more straight in order to do labor). Since my previous home lacked good ventilation and sun, I am really grateful with the new atmosphere. I also used to work in an indoor air conditioned room, rarely ever feel the sun. It has effected my mood and health, surely wasn’t healthy.

The grass is getting higher from when we just moved in, I love seeing the green soothing color but it would be cut later.

Not much point of interest other than that from the picture, but loving the sunny view.

Any thoughts? What about your admiration?


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Admiration”

  1. Beautiful shot of nature. I love the sunshine. It makes me feel warm here in Australia. But yes, too much of it can be bad for us. Enjoy the sunshine 🙂

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