Throughout my path to conquer housewife work (yes, to me it’s a real challenge and journey), I have discovered some items can be very valuable and precious. To get them in your hands sometimes can be a challenge, because it’s not available in every corner. One of the best of all is lemons.

My first realization that lemons is a great fruit was when I met my friend in supermarket over at the vegetables aisle. I asked what is she doing there, she answered, ‘To get lemons for my husband.’ She makes infused water for him to drink. The lemons should be in the water for no more than 4 hours. Longer will make the water taste bitter.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.30.35 PM

I started to read articles about the benefit of drinking lemon, and as it turns out there’s a lot of them. I also saw a lot of chef in cooking channels using lemons as one of the ingredients, if not the water, they use the skin. Also, in most article about cleaning home hacks, lemons would be in there.

When my husband complained about an ache in his stomach, he thought it’s possibly something about his liver. I started to make him warm lemons with honey to drink in the morning. He said that the pain is gone after drinking the lemon for a while. Then when we were moving out I never bought lemon since we are focusing on moving and been ordering takeouts, the pain goes back again. In this new place, I had to order it from the veggie guy (here we called the profession tukang sayur, the man who is sells vegetables and food materials with cart).

The veggie guy did bring the lemons, but he brought one kilo while I only ordered about 1/4. But the lemons ended up almost sold out, popular among the buyers (the wives and mothers)! And he only left me three of them, one of them wasn’t in good shape so I only bought two. Previously the veggie guy said he only bring lemons when someone specifically ordered them, since it’s an expensive fruit. Now it seems the lemons aren’t that low selling product after all! He promised me to bring it again next week.

He did brought it, but he bought the expensive one. With that price I could’ve bought it on supermarket so I didn’t bought it (sorry!). Perhaps he’s testing me to buy it anyway, but what can I say, I was hoping cheaper price.

Then there’s two ladies beside me standing to buy as well and one asked, ‘Lemons? What (is the purpose) for?’ The lady beside her answered, ‘To clean the dishes.’

My heart sank hearing her answer. To. clean. the. dishes??? Jamie Olivier used it in his every dish, and the lady answered to clean the dishes 😦 Why would I use lemon to clean dishes when I could just buy the cleaner? Sure some people love making it from scratch, but lady, that is not just the use of lemon. Here’s one infographic I got from Health Ambition :


Also, here’s 31 Amazing Uses of Lemon Peel.

Hopefully, I could introduce to you the benefits of lemon. I have been using them for food occasionally, but the most vital is when I made this yummy avocado spaghetti :

creamy avocado spaghetti (image from here)

One vital ingredient aside from avocado was lemon water and I also used cheese to spice it up 🙂 Wish I can eat this again now, but not too much. It’s a good meal for vegetarian too.

Anyways, that’s the story of lemons in my recent life. Do you have any story as well?



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2 thoughts on “Lemons”

  1. I like this!! I use lemon very often too in drinks, and different food dishes, and our traditional Easter (sweet) bread calls for lemon and orange zest. It enhances the flavor and give it a nice aroma 🙂

    Yes, as you CAN use lemons for cleaning around the house, I don’t because they can get quite expensive if you buy them for that purpose.

    1. Yes! It does enhance the flavor and give nice aroma. I know, I prefer to use it for cooking as for cleaning it is cheaper to.use one that’s ready to use

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