My Life 5 Years Ago

Without sounding reminiscing what has passed or anything, sometimes it’s nice to look back and remember. It’s also one of the blog post ideas I searched on web that I thought would fun to write.

5 years ago, I was 27 years old in the year 2011. I have already worked in my office for 5 years and everything seemed steady and solid, in terms of friendship, work and even relationship.



I started the year 2011 (technically I was still 26) traveling to Belitung, which is an island located in the west of Indonesia. Just one-hour flight away from Jakarta. The beaches were beautiful and paradise-like (like I’ve been to paradise! But I remember thinking how God must’ve have a good mood when creating the clean blue beaches). I went there with my close friend that I ended up going with to film festivals, since we have so much fun together. I wish that we can travel both again. I also went to Carita Beach later with my family several months later.

Work Drama

I remember specifically after I enjoying great times in Belitung, I have my job review and I was told that I was going to receive a promotion—which I didn’t for some personal reason that I rather not know. Though in that moment I feel disappointed, I am relieved that I didn’t get it because the job description was different than what I imagined. I also felt that I was reviewed unfairly, because some people decided to put me down to get them in higher position. It has taught me to be a more sincere person, to do work more peacefully and not for blindly ambition.

Attending Concerts

2011 was filled with several concerts. When I was younger, I envied my sisters for going to concerts and I promised myself that I would go when I am older. That year I attended Switchfoot, Train and Java Jazz concert (some of them I got free tickets, yay). Certainly brighten up the year.


There was several weddings from close person I attended. The big one was my sister’s on October. She got engaged earlier in that year. Wished I could be more involved but she got it covered all. There was my college friend’s wedding and a friend/supervisor intimate wedding too, which not all colleagues was invited (felt special there).

Relationship (?)

I can’t really remember what happened about my current relationship with my (ex) boyfriend. Not that it matters because I haven’t met my husband yet that year. He did helped on taking pictures on my sister’s wedding and engagement. Moving on 🙂

Friendship Drama

I had a big fight with a close friend in the end of the year. It made me realize that I expected more from her than she expected from me. I felt like a fool and decided to pull back from the friendship. I kind of lost another friend too, since another one was involved but we weren’t friends that long. Sometimes I miss hanging out with them, but from where I am at now, I can see that we go separate ways. I’m sorry that we’re not as close, but I wouldn’t be friends with them now because we become different person.

Reunions & Hang Out with Friends

When you’re not attached to anything yet, it’s easier to meet up with friends. There’s lots of friend reunions and meet ups. Lots of catching up, which was fun.

Photo Contest

I joined my office’ s anniversary photo competition and actually almost got in the top photos. I got a flashdisk usb for the prize and a certificate, which is pretty decent. I enjoyed the process. To get the pictures, I went through the event rehearsals and the main show with many local artists. Such an experience. After doing it, I don’t think I’ll consider working as a celebrity photographer, since it felt like a tough job and you should have a strong physic to do it.


I was actively do film blogging in 2011. My number one movie that year was Warrior but then later I changed it to be The Artist. I started seriously do film blogging one year before, so it was still raw moments of blogging and wanting to get recognized much. I remembered trying hard to watch Tree of Life on the cinema, resisting to go out from the room, ahah (but I couldn’t remember if I watched it on 2011 or 2012). It was also the year where Harry Potter ended their movie series and I had a crush with Michael Fassbender in Jane Eyre (still do!)

So that pretty much sums the year. What about you? What was your life like 5 years ago?

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  1. Christa says:

    Ah aku boleh bagi idenya yaa.. ini menarik juga buat ditulis, aku lagi pas kehabisan ide nulis soalnya hehehe

    1. Andina says:

      Boleh2 aja 🙂

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