Mindset for End of The Month Crisis

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Have you ever had an end of the month crisis? That several days where you wish you can fast forward to the payment day just so you can buy needs or stuff you want? Well, I am familiar with the unconvenient feeling.

Here’s what surely I must do to survive those moments: be very choosy on anything I buy. Never buy things that aren’t a priority, like electricity token, food materials, or daily needs. Buying that cute shoes or clothing? I have to forget it sometimes. It also quite common to cook for yourself since it’s cheaper (also tastes better too 🙂 ) and don’t order takeouts.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.04.29 PM
One of my homemade meals. I often replace chicken than meat for affordable menu

But when it comes to unique experience, also a must-have mindset for me after not having a steady payment anymore: never think that you will have financial shortage.

Perhaps you think that it’s a ‘funny’ thought (how can you do that?), or it’s impossible, but surely you remember the phrase “what you think will eventually you get”. It does happen to me. And it all, like it or believe it or not, have every connection to faith in God. The belief that you won’t ever be abandoned by Him.

Sometimes when the crisis I least expect it, I have someone order the product from my online shop (while I kind of abandoned or didn’t advertise my products in those moments). It did happen several times! They didn’t add much but they add more to the wallet.

It also quite the ‘investment’ to help others in another day, when in the time of crisis they can ‘surprisingly’ help you. But you shouldn’t help because you expect them to be helpful in another day. You should help to just for the sake to help them.

It is not easy to maintain those mindsets but I can tell you, it worked for me. But hey, sometimes I slipped and worry about how my next days will be. I forgot that worrying like that is such an insult to God, like he would ever do that.

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