The Importance of Being Playful


Borrowing Daily Post’s topic today is about the word Playful. When I think about that word, I think about that quote I put above from the movie ‘Yes Man’ (2009).

Yes Man is about a serious man (Jim Carrey) who got cursed and can only say yes to anyone who asks him about anything, when previously he always hesitant trying new things. Amazingly, it changed his world to be more colorful. I should watch this movie again.

I have spent these last 3 weeks busy taking care of my baby (would like to tell you about the details, have written it but I got dizzy just reading about it, such hectic times!). Several times, I felt overwhelmed. It is easy to get caught of the stress, but sometimes I couldn’t help but look at the baby and just play with him. Sometimes when I was busy with laundry and stuffs, I saw my husband being playful with the baby and tease him. Precious times you sometimes forgot when you are too busy with things to do. You couldn’t make any aspect of your life to just about work and errands. You just can’t. Because when you do, you miss the point of life. 

Motherhood is amazing. I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of those mom who forgets all the fun. I’d like to play with my baby, being creative if I can to make him smarter. Being playful is still important when you are a parent, not just when you’re younger and have a fabulous single self. I hope I can still remember it when I’m older.

What do you do to stay playful? Or, what has been going on with you the last 3 weeks?


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