The Unexpected Ramadan Gift

It is currently raining and I’m writing using my cellphone, lying in bed next to a newborn who sleep sound (I’m guessing if I move or leave the bed, he can sense it since the warmth would be different). It is a joy seeing him peacefully sleeping and that he need me like that. Happiness is that simple.

I saw my friends posting tthings on social media that make them happy. Ied parcels or food/gift packages, food, people they breakfast with, and photos of them mudik or going to the city where their families are. I remember what used to make me happy on Ramadan, pretty much like that too. But today, I didn’t get any parcels, taking pictures of yummy elite restaurant food, or have the time to do any breakfasting with friends (what they also called reunion, a Ramadan culture here). Instead, I’m here enjoying the presence of my own baby.

Yes, the crying and the dirty diapers and the lack of sleeping are really something, but everytime I wake up and see his lively eyes or peaceful face, it makes everything up. This is a ‘gift’ me (and my husband) could never guess will be ours, we never thought we could be this happy having a child. Alhamdulillah. He’s so generous.

What makes you happy this Ramadan or this month?


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Ramadan Gift”

  1. Barakallah mba Andin, Hope your son will be a great man and sholih. Aamin
    Nice to meet you here. 🙂
    Afina #yourodopfriend

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