Graduated! #OneDayOnePostFor99Days

I don’t know if I deserve any graduation ‘speech’ but yes I nailed posting 99 posts for 99 days for this blogging group I joined. Technically, I joined since post 76 (I guess) so it was like I joined the class in the middle of semester. 

I know this group from my friend, Wini, who impressively blog her fictional story from post #1 that made me want to join. But it’s not that easy because when I joined, I was in the middle of house-moving and also pregnant! Maybe that deserves a medal because I remember thinking ‘are you crazy? You’re due in couple of months and you’re moving!’ when I joined this. But I guess I just want a push to write.

I wish I could be more involved and be more total in this blogging movement, because I want to write with more passion and satisfied with what I write. But I gained more readers, followers and even blogger friend, which I least expected. It’s such a pleasant thing to have them. What I learned from #ODOP is that writing shouldn’t be a burden. So, thank you whoever created #ODOPfor99days.

Here’s to blogging and writing 🙂 (sorry I could not put all the links in here since the time to write this speech itself is something I couldn’t plan) Have a good day!


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sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

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