Do Nothing

Sometimes all you have to do…is nothing.

With now the baby nearly 8 months and can’t wait to explore the world now he can almost stand alone, you just can’t sit and relax. Do not talk to me about errands. The house probably reached clean state for only several seconds. But tried my best not to get it dirty.

Exhausted, drained, body aches for moving around with the baby and not with the baby (always something to do), you forget that just doing nothing is actually okay.

For you perfectionists..or women, it is hard to do nothing while there are errands to do. But sometimes it is necessary to leave it alone…for the sake of your mind. No, so what if you should clean now when the baby is asleep? You should be with your own mind for a little bit. 

Yes sometimes we can ourselves underrated our own needs. And just shut your ears when people talk. When people understand, they understand. 

Tomorrow, surely is another day. 

So how’s your day?


Published by

sunglow mama

Jakarta (Indonesian) based blogger, 33, loves beautiful things and to write about them

2 thoughts on “Do Nothing”

  1. Sounds like baby is keeping you busy. Hopefully he is resting sometimes so you can take a break. I agree doing nothing is important, we need to recharge our batteries.

    My blog is active again. I said I stopped, but I missed blogging. I’ve been on holiday which I wrote about. Also doing top 100 of 2016, including Yuna 🙂

    1. Busy…at all times! I miss blogging. Yes, when he’s asleep I do some errands and little me time.
      Good for you, should do whatever you feel like it while you can. Funny thing, many times all I want to blog is about movies again and again. Going to check your latest post when I can

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