Random Thoughts: Dance in The Rain and Food Prepping

Mmm so here I am again feeling like I should spend a bit of my ‘me time’ by blogging. I could do some errands or anything more useful, but who says ‘me time’ isn’t useful? Anyway, I will try not to rant about being exhausted ahah.

  • Well, after moving, things aren’t as smooth as I hoped. There are some things need to be fix in our new home. Some spots in the kitchen leaked when raining but fixing will take some time and it won’t be instant. In the mean time, I will try to dance in the rain (hmm, I was hoping I would use that phrase!)
  • I like that it is more peaceful in this new neighborhood. But if you live in Indonesia, you’ll know that in the city there will be some people selling their stuffs in carts or motorcycle running around in the neighborhood. For me, it is tough for a few weeks earlier because there’s no veggie man around (vegetable merchants or the Indonesian popular term is tukang sayur). Perhaps there’s national holiday like Imlek that made them take several weeks off but it quite mess my head, since I cook everyday.
  • But on the bright side, it made me want to try food prepping. Basically, you buy vegetables and raw food and prep it (clean and chop), then put them in storages on your freezer. It was a great idea and totally time saver! You just have to put the time to prep them, but it made my cooking time less hassle. I should have more storages and space on my freezer though (fridge cleaning alert).
  • I was inspired looking at this blogger/wife food prep
  • Before I tried food prepping, I stumbled upon some posts on Instagram by housewives or mothers who posts their lovely food prepping. It inspired me in a way. I used to feel I couldn’t do it because my son couldn’t be left alone (yet). Now, he’s much more able to do things on his own, already able to walk stable and play independently.
  • New cable TV again so I can watch Hot in Cleveland and Friends on iFlix, yay. I also followed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and 9JKL, also The Good Doctor
  • Still have some boxes to unload. After all of the decluttering, can you believe I discovered more clothes I need to give away? I must’ve been a hoarder subconsciously
  • Anyway, I think that’s all for now. Any more, I’ll rant because it’s late and I need some sleep 😆 Goodbye for now. How’s your day/week?

between the mess

Has it been a month? My previous article is one attempt to get just a bit pickle for our wallet, perhaps it’s too obvious but one just can’t resist.

It has been 3 months and 2 weeks of me being my baby’s mother. And I have tasted the chaos and last month has been challenging. As I added my daily activity to cooking again. I have been missing making my own food, aside to tighten the budget.

Most precious jewels around your neck are the arms of your children
Source: Pinterest

My baby has been the highlight and the source of stress. Perhaps not the baby become the source of stress, but rather the daily care and unreadable mess. The baby doesn’t know, he just pee, poops, hungry and sleepy. Now he also loves to play. 
The baby has been adorable (and surely not aware of his cuteness), he loves to laugh and ‘talk’ with his bright eyes which makes me teary sometimes. He loves to prone and hopefully (watch out) he’ll be crawling soon. 

I don’t want to dish my rant and complaints, but you all probably know how chaotic being a mother of a baby. And you wish more help is around, which sometimes available. But there comes a day when everything happens at the same time. 

There were days, or, minutes you want to scream, and when you feel blessed. There were times you feel satisfied with what you have done as a mother, the next time you feel like a bad mother. 

Still, having a pure eye connection with your child beats all. The he laughs and smiles, and you forget all the mess. 

What have you been up to?

Inspirasi Jumpsuit Kasual

Pakaian jumpsuit awalnya dipakai khusus untuk baju penerjun payung. Mereka membuat jumpsuit karena ingin meminimalisir resiko pemakainya terluka dalam melakukan aktivitas.

Tapi jika kita lihat sekarang, jumpsuit adalah salah satu pakaian yang relatif umum dipakai wanita, khususnya fashionista. Pakaian jenis ini ada untuk berbagai acara. Bahkan, selebriti sudah memakainya untuk acara-acara formal seperti acara award. Ada juga model baju jumpsuit pendek yang tak kalah populer.

Yang saya perhatikan, wanita yang memakai jumpsuit bisa jadi mengawinkan sisi tomboy mereka dengan gaya modis. Selebriti seperti Gwen Stefani dan Emma Stone cukup sering memakai jumpsuit, dalam sehari-hari bahkan di acara formal seperti Golden Globe Award atau acara penghargaan lainnya. Mereka punya sisi tomboy yang bisa diintegrasikan dengan gaya feminin dan kasual. Meskipun ada juga sih, mereka yang feminin memakai tipe baju ini dengan warna feminin dan motif floral.

Tak usahlah melirik baju formal dengan model jumpsuit. Mari membahas jumpsuit untuk keseharian. Yang kira-kira paling mungkin dipakai dibanding acara award, haha…

Inspirasi Jumpsuit

Tentunya untuk dipakai sehari-hari, bahannya harus nyaman dan memudahkan pemakainya bergerak. Apalagi di negara tropis macam Indonesia, penting memakai yang bahannya adem. Mungkin banyak yang memakai model baju jumpsuit pendek, khususnya daerah yang cukup ‘bebas’ berpakaian seperti Bali.

Sekarang ini saya (atau mungkin banyak juga yang lain) gemar dengan bahan denim, katun atau warna army yang kental dengan rasa kasual. Maklum, saya juga punya sisi tomboy. Malah dulu, saya punya jaket warna army dan tas ransel warna serupa. Sekarang saya sering melirik warna gold atau perak yang orang sering kaitkan dengan gaya glamor, beda banget! Tapi cuma untuk aksesori seperti tas atau sepatu.

Melirik gaya Gwen Stefani, ibu dengan banyak talenta ini cukup sering memakai jumpsuit dan gayanya cocok sekali dengan kepribadiannya. Ia memadukan jumpsuit dengan high heels, tas berwarna netral seperti hitam dan seperti biasa, gaya khasnya, lipstik merah. Yang paling penting ia kelihatan nyaman memakainya.

Saya juga memperhatikan model baju jumpsuit pendek kerap dipakai selebriti bertubuh mungil atau petite, seperti Olivia Palermo dan Emily Browning di film God Help The Girl yang unyu dan unik gayanya. Ada juga si imut-imut Michelle Williams di film Take This Waltz.

Sumber : MatahariMall.com

 Tapi tak menutup kemungkinan lain, seleb jangkung seperti Taylor Swift juga sering terlihat memakai playsuit atau jumpsuit pendek. Ya, kalau kamu cukup pede memamerkan kaki kamu. Sedangkan saya lebih suka memakai pakaian yang tertutup sehingga gaya panjang lebih cocok untuk saya. Jumpsuit cukup fleksibel menerjemahkan gaya kamu. Tak sulit menemukan koleksi yang diinginkan di situs MatahariMall.com.

Bicara soal aksesori, kalau menurut saya sih, jangan lagi kamu padukan dengan aksesori bergaya tomboy karena takutnya kamu akan dikira beneran lelaki (kecuali warnanya sudah girly, atau wajah dan postur badanmu seperti Kendall Jenner yang cocok pakai semua model baju), lol… Yah minimal ada ‘tanda’ dalam keseluruhan penampilanmu bahwa kamu wanita.

Kalau kamu memakai hijab, gaya jumpsuit longgar juga bisa dipakai. Tinggal padukan dengan outer panjang, cardigan atau jaket. Bisa cari aksen pita di pinggang. Banyak fashion blogger yang berhijab memadukannya dengan clutch dan hak tinggi. Tak masalah juga sih kalau pakai sepatu flats dan tas tangan lain.

 Jadi, kamu suka gaya jumpsuit seperti apa?


Being Different

from Brightside FB

Ever been in a path in life that no one you know ever goes? I’ve had it several times and in my younger years, I wondered why. I think I was used to following other’s footprints or getting told what to do.

In my second year of junior high school, I was put in a different class than my gang. I wondered why. The previous class was the smartest class. My parents had me to be put to the smartest class again in the third year, because I was upset to be put there. Perhaps I was embarrassed with my other friends from that first class. 

But you know what? I was the happiest during that second year and I was the smartest in class (maybe not the smartest, but first ranked). I met and get to know other people, and they were fun. They made me the secretary of the class by insignificant coincidence. That’s why I get to contribute more than just regular student. When I got to the third year, I felt the pressure because it’s the smartest class. 

When I was in high school, my mother said I should choose science class for my major. I didn’t want to, but she said so I could have more options to choose my college. But I choose design for my college and had courses to pass the exam for it. It was surely a different path than other science students who wanted to be doctors or other science related field. It was weird. They usually looked me strange when I told my college interest.

 One of them was surprised with my choice and said, ‘Your science skill will be wasted’. But if I can play guitar, doesn’t mean I have to be a guitarist. Other said, ‘It’s hard to pass the college exam you want to.’ Yes, but I did got in. 

That’s just little stuffs about being different. It’s harder when it comes to career and love life. Of course being different was tough at first. People can look at you oddly. People question your choices or simply question you being you. ‘She’s odd’ or they shook their heads. Maybe they will laugh at you or underestimate you. But what do they know, really? Their words are words, and they will be forgotten the next day. They never walk the same path as you. 

I have a very different path today than what I thought I will have. Never in my mind I thought I would be a full time mother (and freelancer) and be with my husband. Never in my mind I thought I would look as feminine as today (used to be tomboy). Never in my mind I thought I would live away from my family. But life just keeps surprising you like that.

Does that mean my path is wrong? Does that mean I should do what’s expected? Does that mean I go mental? 

Who determines right or wrong? Who decides what is normal? Does it matter when people who walks their path are happy with their choices?

Every people have different path. Even their personalities are different. Why should we be all the same? Why can’t we go to the path we think is the most true to us? 

What is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. What if the majority people who did everything wrong? 

*Just my rambling. Hope it’s a good read fr you

An Easy Life

This image I got from my friend’s social media who is a heavy filmholic. I only know that this is Jane Birkin. But her words (from a film I guess) got me thinking.

One phase in my life I put The Secret’s life recipe on my life, which is ‘you are what you are thinking’. And my wish was to have an easy life. I guess I thought I have a pretty ‘rough’ and ‘beaten’ life to actually wish this to happen. When really, I got life problems like anybody else. I just think that life was really hard. Maybe it did for me at that time.

But in the end, I got what I want. It was easy. In fact, it was safe and predictable. I started to wonder where is this fun I usually have. Where is this life’s butterflies and gravels on my foot steps. Why suddenly I just want to yawn with things in front of me. Everything seem so readable. 

And you can guess it, it was boring.

In life you have choices to make. If you think some people are dumb after getting hurt doing bungee jumping, that’s just the consequences. And it’s the same with choosing ‘an easy life’. You’ll have a pretty safe and predictable path, and it’s the consequences. 

Just to be clear, it’s up to you if you love that kind of road. In the end, you’ll be the one that can see if it’s working for you.

Whichever you choose, I hope you choose the most true for you.

As for me, everything was predictable until a hurricane came. But I chose that hurricane. Don’t worry, everything is beautiful after it’s all over.