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whazzuuup.. surprise, surprise, the busy mom has a little time to write. After the drama rollercoaster I have today, best to focus on things I am excited about.  Didn’t feel like doing anything but I decided to talk about some shows and movie I have watched.

What have I been watching lately…or have finished?

  • The Office (whole season). The series has its ups and downs but I loved it anyway. Too bad Steve Carell appeard weak and too little on the finale episode. 
  • Younger (still on season 3). Caught it on iflix and hooked. But I found out late that I watched the season 2 first so that’s a bit weird.
  • Madame Bovary. Didn’t plan to watch it until one bored hour I saw Mia Wasikowska in the opening. Enjoyed the performances, especially Mia and Ezra Miller. Good for Wasikowska finally taking adult roles, not as a teen anymore. But a bit disappointed with the plain ending. As a wife, I can get that waiting for husband all day (especially on old times and small towns) can be very dreading. Back then divorce probably not an option and perhaps a couple of best friends can help the misery away. I personally still think Wasikowska felt still a bit too ‘green’ as a bored wife, but can’t get any other actress in mind who can play Emma Bovary (except young Kirsten Dunst or Amy Adams).
  • Take a little peek of Riviera starring Julia Stiles, looks good and intense but since I can’t watch with the baby around (too vulgar) Haven’t finished the first episode. Stiles was awesome.

    Anyhow, that’s all for now. Baby still asleep. Have a great week!


    What I’ve Been Watching Lately: Hindsight, Spy, Me Before You & HIMYM

    Since my life is all about my baby now, and not that I don’t love the little man, but I could use a little ‘walk’ to another field. Yes, I’d like to talk about what I have been watching lately.

    My blog film has been inactive for 6 months perhaps, just after I gave birth but I have been thinking to end it for some time. I must say sometimes I miss ‘judging’ film or TV series. Since I am busy taking care the baby I don’t know when I can watch a movie, but I can have little time to watch TV series.

    Here’s the new ones I’ve watched:

    Hindsight – TV Series

    Becca suddenly travel back in time to the moment she’s about to marry her first husband, Sean. She knows the marriage would fall apart in the future so she ran away the day she should get married. She also quit her job and start a new one. The guy she ended up with still a bit vague. We also know that in the future she will break her friendship with her BFF, Lolly.

    This is my new fave TV show, since it goes back to the decade I grew up with, the 90s. I love the cast, the accuracy of 90s feel and Becca’s chemistry with Lolly, and her cute brother. But after a couple of episode, I got annoyed with Becca’s unstable decisions. She’s adorable, but clueless.

    Now that I’ve watched the whole first season, I must say this series is still my favorite. It doesn’t need to be over the top like Empire but still got me hooked.

    Me Before You (2016) – Movie

    Not that I have seen Emilia Clarke before but from Games of Thrones images (haven’t seen the show). Have heard that the movie is good.

    The story reminded me of Dying Young and Intouchables. I loved Clarke’s performance and the leading actor who have been in many romantic movies before (forgot his name and too lazy to google). Being bitter and angry surprisingly fits him. Too bad with the ending, it is a bit wrong for me (can’t explain more unless you want spoiler).

    Spy (2015)

    Have been wanting to see this. It was hilarious and not at all bad with the action scenes. I love that Jason Statham is a clumsy agent in here. Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law surprisingly have a good chemistry. Overall, very entertaining (or I have not been watching good comedy for a while).

    How I Met Your Mother – Reruns 

    I usually watched Friends reruns at Warner channel, but the new TV cable package we signed doesn’t have it so I watched HIMYM reruns at Star World. 

    Here’s the summon: I still love the 1st-6th season, but the rest is a mess. I feel like the writers must be bored or pressurized writing the episodes. Worse, I feel that the they also never been married or planning a wedding before. I apologized for sounding like a douche but they do. 

    There’s too many details to point on, but looking at Marshall and Lily’s life after having a kid looks too good to be true (even when they already add their tiredness and bit changes, but it was only on the surface). 

    Robin and Barney’s behaviour before the wedding also looked unrealistic. They shouldn’t have time to joke and hanging around with their friends, they should be busy with the day. 

    I still haven’t finish watching the reruns but I’m pretty sure I would want to write my own ending.


    What about you? What did you watched lately?

    5 Favorite Movies About Cooking

    I felt the urge to share how connected I feel now about movies with culinary and food as the main topic, now that I have my own kitchen since I got married.

    Just a quick flashback, I usually have my mom cook for me, or my sister. But having my own kitchen and love to eat (yes, I find food is pleasure!), the drive to learn starts. I am still learning until now and will be for next years ahead, but I find the joy of eating your own cooked meal and also picking your own menu. Nothing beats the authenticity! After that, I’ve been trying new recipes and blown away by the results. I also have been watching cooking TV program more now, ahah.

    Some movies really deliver that feeling, especially the warm feeling of cooking. It’s not about technique, it’s about instinct and (well) love. I heard from a great cook that you shouldn’t cook when you don’t feel like it. Possibly it will be shown from the taste of your cooked meal.

    I have some cooking movies I have not seen yet, but this present I find 5 best cooking movies are :

    5. CHOCOLAT (2000)
     photo chocolat134_zpsojdif8tt.jpg

    I love chocolate, though maybe not as heavy as chocolate lovers out there. They are perfect for just a certain amount on a particular day. Chocolat (2000) tells about a mysterious chocolate shop owner and cook opens her shop in a city with a rather conservative view. Juliette Binoche as the shop owner and cook really stands out with her color and open heart in the middle of judging society who looked down on anything different. There’s a bit of mystical things in the movie that aren’t clear, nor the appearance of Johnny Depp as the hunky guest in the city, but I love how Binoche represents cooking/chocolate as big part of herself. That scene where they all eat together in the backyard garden really felt warm and wonderful, a big contrast compared to the society’s harsh comments on herself and several people on the table.

    4. RATATOUILLE (2007)


    You just have to mention Ratatouille in the list of favorite cooking movies. When cooking really close with the term ‘clean’, the movie shows how a rat named Remy have a big passion for cooking following his dream. The contrast of his dirty world as a rat and his ‘family’ who loves to steal food just makes him doesn’t belong. But Remy is more capable as a cook than a clueless intern in a big Paris intern in a reputable restaurant. He hides it his chef hat and conducts cooking by ‘managing’ the guy’s hair. As silly as it might sounds, Ratatouille really nailed the excellence and high work of cooking. I love when Remy requests his rat friend to really taste spices and seasoning, not just eat them. Then he compliments how beautiful all those seasonings combined in one cooking. Who can expect you learn things like that from a rat? You just have to compliment how vivid Pixar makes the cooking looked in the movie, it is animated but you can drool yourself seeing how tasty it looks.

    3. TODAY’S SPECIAL (2009)

     photo todaysspecial_zpslmz3jr7m.jpg

    The hidden gem, Today’s Special might have a generic formula of how a man searching his dream. But it has taught me a big point about cooking; it’s not about skill, it’s about your gut and feeling. Plus I love how Indian movie made me feel close to my own root, Asian. I have not tasted Indian food yet, but they seem to be rich with flavor. Today’s Special is about a professional sous chef decided to quit his job after realizing his career won’t go any further from he’s at now. His destination to cook with a great Parisian chef seem far away when suddenly he must replace his father running his Indian restaurant due to his unwell condition. Then he meet an Indian taxi driver who save his life and his father’s restaurant because of his cooking knowledge and ‘magic’. It’s a bit shameful how we sometimes more familiar with international food than food from your own culture. Sometimes you get caught up with perfection and technique, you forget the joy and beauty of it.

    2. THE LUNCHBOX (2013)
     photo the lunchbox movie_zpspogoms9t.jpg

    A widower received a lunchbox from someone else’s wife and love the food. He feel connected to her as her connected to him, and they started to exchange letters in the lunchbox. It’s as easy as that, finding if you are a match with someone; you both have similar taste. The message is, a person worthy for you must appreciate your own creation. I love how The Lunchbox took me back to classic value; the exchange letters and the traditional food, and how a woman can win a man’s heart by her cooking. It’s also about the value of husband and wife.

    1. JULIE & JULIA (2009)
     photo julieandjulia_zpslrdf2brj.jpg

    Ah, Julie & Julia. This proves this movie has inspired me two times; blogging and cooking. The movie tells about two true stories in different time; one, Julia Child’s path to be American cook/author published French recipe and second, Julia Powell’s life when she pursue her dreams; cooking and blog about it. She tries to cook all of Julia Child’s recipe from her book in each single day, which led her to fame. I love how these Julia Child never back down to borders on how women should just do simple cooking, how her husband support her and how she keeps things positive though publishers said no to her books. I love how Julia Powell connect with average women life; a regular staff who still wants to pursue her dreams. She copied her idol and followed her passion, and the magic happens. I still find this movie inspiring after several viewing. These two women and the warm story really ‘hugs’ you.


    Almost made the list :

    6. Chef (2014)

    7. The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

    8. Waitress (2007)

    9. No Reservations (2007)

    10. Haute Cuisine (2012)

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