What I’ve Been Watching Lately: Hindsight, Spy, Me Before You & HIMYM

Since my life is all about my baby now, and not that I don’t love the little man, but I could use a little ‘walk’ to another field. Yes, I’d like to talk about what I have been watching lately.

My blog film has been inactive for 6 months perhaps, just after I gave birth but I have been thinking to end it for some time. I must say sometimes I miss ‘judging’ film or TV series. Since I am busy taking care the baby I don’t know when I can watch a movie, but I can have little time to watch TV series.

Here’s the new ones I’ve watched:

Hindsight – TV Series

Becca suddenly travel back in time to the moment she’s about to marry her first husband, Sean. She knows the marriage would fall apart in the future so she ran away the day she should get married. She also quit her job and start a new one. The guy she ended up with still a bit vague. We also know that in the future she will break her friendship with her BFF, Lolly.

This is my new fave TV show, since it goes back to the decade I grew up with, the 90s. I love the cast, the accuracy of 90s feel and Becca’s chemistry with Lolly, and her cute brother. But after a couple of episode, I got annoyed with Becca’s unstable decisions. She’s adorable, but clueless.

Now that I’ve watched the whole first season, I must say this series is still my favorite. It doesn’t need to be over the top like Empire but still got me hooked.

Me Before You (2016) – Movie

Not that I have seen Emilia Clarke before but from Games of Thrones images (haven’t seen the show). Have heard that the movie is good.

The story reminded me of Dying Young and Intouchables. I loved Clarke’s performance and the leading actor who have been in many romantic movies before (forgot his name and too lazy to google). Being bitter and angry surprisingly fits him. Too bad with the ending, it is a bit wrong for me (can’t explain more unless you want spoiler).

Spy (2015)

Have been wanting to see this. It was hilarious and not at all bad with the action scenes. I love that Jason Statham is a clumsy agent in here. Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law surprisingly have a good chemistry. Overall, very entertaining (or I have not been watching good comedy for a while).

How I Met Your Mother – Reruns 

I usually watched Friends reruns at Warner channel, but the new TV cable package we signed doesn’t have it so I watched HIMYM reruns at Star World. 

Here’s the summon: I still love the 1st-6th season, but the rest is a mess. I feel like the writers must be bored or pressurized writing the episodes. Worse, I feel that the they also never been married or planning a wedding before. I apologized for sounding like a douche but they do. 

There’s too many details to point on, but looking at Marshall and Lily’s life after having a kid looks too good to be true (even when they already add their tiredness and bit changes, but it was only on the surface). 

Robin and Barney’s behaviour before the wedding also looked unrealistic. They shouldn’t have time to joke and hanging around with their friends, they should be busy with the day. 

I still haven’t finish watching the reruns but I’m pretty sure I would want to write my own ending.


What about you? What did you watched lately?

Prince and New Girl

I’m sure you have heard that one of Pop’s legend, Prince, passed away couple of days ago at age 57.

While I grew up in ’90s and am familiar with Prince’s stylish yet eccentric style, I don’t know much of his songs besides ‘Most Beautiful Girl in The World’. And that was because the one TV channel (back then, there was only one TV channel available) played that song everytime during music segment. I like the song, and wish I have explored more of his work.


Most recently what made me paid attention to Prince was that one episode last year where he starred and sing in New Girl TV series, which starred and produced by Zooey Deschanel. I adored Zooey Deschanel since seeing 500 Days of Summer and then fond of her band, She & Him. But I would never have guessed that Prince would be in it, considering the show’s previous guest stars (Taylor Swift, Olivia Munn, Jessica Biel). During that time, New Girl was challenged to gain more viewers, so I thought ‘well played!’.

But I have just discovered yesterday that it was actually Prince who wanted to be in the show. He said he only watched two things, the news and New Girl. Apparently he was a big fan. Such pleasant surprise for the producers, especially when the legend also pitched the story idea for the episode himself.

To be honest, I felt that episode was too good to be true. But there’s usually one night in your life where things happen magically, like you happened to be in Prince’s party, actually met the legend and have him give you relationship advice, like Jess (Deschanel) in the episode did.

The episode was a bit corny, but quite memorable and a stand out among other episodes. What topped the episode more was Deschanel’s performance singing with Prince on stage. The song wasn’t bad at all, quite catchy. In fact it should be a hit. Both Deschanel and Prince performed their own style and their voices blended great together. They should have released a single together.

(I couldn’t find the clip, so if you want to see the full video, you have to see the whole episode someplace else)

I just love knowing this fact, how Prince was enjoying one of my fave TV show. Nice to remember him by that one New Girl episode.

Have you watched that episode? What do you think about Prince?

EF #4 – Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!

anywhere door

Now following from the two previous EF posts, today’s actual topic is about picking a tool from Doraemon‘s pocket. If you’re not familiar with Doraemon, it’s a robot from the future send to make Nobita, a lazy and wimp 4th grader. Previously aired as a comic strip in magazines, then comic books, and then TV series. They also have released the 3D animated movie last year, Stand By Me Doraemon.

My answer is going to be easy and used often in Doraemon series : Anywhere Door (Dokodemo Door).

It’s a door to go all places you wish. Imagine not having to deal with long hours of traffic jam or flight and free! I know, sometimes it’s about the process and not the destination. But it can save hours and energy, also reduce stress from the traffic jam (Jakarta and traffic jam are practically married).

Also, it can be a quick getaway when you’re stressed, just go to the beach or someplace pleasant. Run out of fruits or grocery? Just open the door to the favorite supermarket. Want to go to the movies on time and avoid long queue? Or, visit your relative in another region? Just use the door! It’s practical and definitely useful.

Well, that’s it. What about you? Or, any thoughts?

Random Thoughts : Zooey News, Oscar Noms & Cooking

  • Happy birthday to geeky darling, Zooey Deschanel! She’s 35 now, but still lookin’ cute and adorable
  • She’s expecting a baby too with his boyfriend, Jacob Pechenik (didn’t realized they were dating).
  • I had a thought that she might not be a baby person, but it’s hard to think that way when she looks motherly and loveable

new girl season 4

  • I loved New Girl‘s season 4, Girl Fight episode. Every episode where Cece and Jess are fighting are hilarious. I liked it so much, I didn’t mind watching the reruns.
  • This week the buzz is about Oscar nominations. I honestly didn’t get why people are so pissed about snubs (okay for Gone Girl should get a nomination for music score), but the slots for each nomination is just 5 and it’s just impossible to include all and please everyone.
  • Also, what do you expect? It’s Oscars, so they should pick movies and characters with inspiring and outstanding theme. Yes, just ‘cool’ isn’t enough.
  • But, I don’t know about the whole racism. I haven’t seen Selma.
  • Anyway, before I get too emotional, let’s talk about something else. These couple of weeks I’ve been trying to cook meat and I think it’s not bad. I start to ‘get to know’ it and tried variety ways to cook it.
  • One day I decided to make ribs soup but run out of seasoning, so I googled other ways to cook it and tried oriental sauce. It’s not bad at all.
  • Now I actually think that I do have a bit of cooking talent (sounds arrogant, but last year I didn’t know much about cooking). Oh just ignore this one :))

meat ig


  • I’ve been trying to make higher traffic for my other blog, but sometimes I wish I can hire someone to do the SEO and the programming. I love writing and blogging, and editorial, but the code and internet stuffs can be overwhelming
  • But I learned new ways to improve the content, which is good. It’s important not to be easily satisfied.
  • It’s quite rainy and cloudy here in my city, which makes perfect weather to do napping or being lazy
  • To think that last year, I was preparing for my wedding and worried if it would be pushed back because the fiancee was recovering from accident
  • And we were going to have a semi-outdoor wedding early year, which should be rainy. It’s funny to think about that now. No wonder my family thinks we should just have an indoor wedding.
  • I heard bad reviews about the movie Black Hat. I now have this conclusion that every movie shot in my country is bad. There’s Java Heat and Eat, Pray & Love. But I heard that there’s one Bond movie in the past that was shot in this country.
  • Okay, I’m going to have a nap now. Thanks for reading these random thoughts πŸ™‚

5 Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #28

Day 28 – 5 Things that make me laugh out loud. 2 Days more and this challenge will be a wrap! How’s your Sunday going? Mine is full of errands. I’m taking my little energy left to blog, after cleaning the house and cooking (so housewife-y).

Now here’s a topic that is different from most of all, 5 things that make me laugh out loud. Out of the daily conversations and jokes, I usually search for comedy in movies, TV series and comic book (this one quite seldom now). Compiling this list actually gave me a lot of laugh, and some I thought would be on the list ended up not. Took a little more time to find what really make me laugh. I don’t want to include offensive jokes so I eliminated that. To summon things that make me laugh out loud will be these things :

America’s Funniest Animal Home Videos – TV Series

In my teen years there’s a TV series that was always made me and my family laugh watching it. It’s America’s Funniest Animal Home Videos. Animals never ever try to make us laugh, so all the clumsy or rage things they do ended up so hilarious. I was actually searching the clip where an ostrich chasing a jeep and the person in the end seat keep holding its neck to prevent it attacking them, but I did not found it on web. I noticed that they made it to a web series. I’ll keep in mind to find it when I need some chuckle.


Michael Cat – Comic

If there’s a comic book I always wanted to read in every mood and will always make me laugh, it’s got to be Michael cat. The comic rarely use dialogues, but it’s movement and expressions is enough to make us laugh. There was a night where I read it before sleep at a college night but I ended up laughing so much my sleepy was gone.


Friends – TV Series

Friends is always a TV series I want to watch. It is timeless and funny, and they don’t dramatized their jokes. There’s a lot of funny moments but here’s one that always makes me laugh.


Austin Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) – Movie

I despised Austin Powers when it first came out, but recently I watched it on cable and I can’t stop laughing. It’s a comedy for adult for sure. Here’s one clip that makes me laugh out loud, so hilarious.


The Tonight Show – Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone

I know that The Tonight Show have countless funny moments, and I’m missing out most of it. But since I love Emma Stone, I checked this clip out. It’s quite hilarious and at the same time I am more amazed by Emma and loving her more. How is one beautiful and refreshing lady turned out to be fun and fearless, and unafraid to look silly?


Almost made on the list :

Bridesmaids (2011) – Movie

Anchorman 2 (2013) – Movie

Mr. Bean – TV Series

Wedding Crashers (2005) – Movie

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) – Movie



Readers, what do you think? Think these points are funny too? Or do you have other things that make you LOL?