Updates, updates

Hey guys, it’s been soooo long.. going to make it a bit short and effective. Last time I wrote long, something’s in the way and I left it on the drafts section too long. I’ve been missing blogging. 

  • My kid is now 9 months and ever since he started to eat solids, my time can get more crowded. But love his growth and progress
  • Since I did not want to bother you about babies and all (or did you?), I have other blog about my motherhood and my baby, sunglowmama.wordpress.com with Indonesian language. Be sure to check it out! 
  • It’s the first time I did not care too much for the Oscars, as before I tend to religiously watch the nominees. Not that I completely not curious, I’d love to watch La La Land. But I noticed that after the whole Jada Pinkett Smith protest, is that this year it’s a bit more diverse with the movies and actors.
  • I noticed that my post ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ got many attention, especially since someone pinned the challenge on Pinterest. Got to straight this thing, I just want to say I don’t create the challenge but rather follow it from another blogger. Thanks and I am happy people loved it! 
  • Baby now loves to stand with holding anything, I think he is going to stand and walk a bit soon (yay! And watch out for things…uh). 
  • My Youtube history now is baby contrast animations, mainly to train his eyes and also to calm him down. The little man can be quite clingy, especially with his teeth growing. 
  • I’ve been watching Episodes from first episode, but realized that the fifth season will be out just this year and it will be the last. 
  • Also been watching Big Bang Theory from the start.
  • Ummm, what else? Just more baby stuffs to do.

That’s all for now! What’s up with you?


Do Nothing

Sometimes all you have to do…is nothing.

With now the baby nearly 8 months and can’t wait to explore the world now he can almost stand alone, you just can’t sit and relax. Do not talk to me about errands. The house probably reached clean state for only several seconds. But tried my best not to get it dirty.

Exhausted, drained, body aches for moving around with the baby and not with the baby (always something to do), you forget that just doing nothing is actually okay.

For you perfectionists..or women, it is hard to do nothing while there are errands to do. But sometimes it is necessary to leave it alone…for the sake of your mind. No, so what if you should clean now when the baby is asleep? You should be with your own mind for a little bit. 

Yes sometimes we can ourselves underrated our own needs. And just shut your ears when people talk. When people understand, they understand. 

Tomorrow, surely is another day. 

So how’s your day?


Borrowing daily post’s theme, is the word Realize.

This isn’t quite new, but about couple of months realization. That the role of wife and mother holds quite big part of family.

What? I just noticed that? Where have I been, right?

I have been a daughter in the family for 30 years. Now I am a wife and mother. I am amazed (and frankly can get so exhausted) on how must I should (and willing to) do to be (a good one). 

See, I always saw my mother got up at 5 am and thought she must be one of those morning person. She got mad occasionally (or often) when I got up late. She just can’t sit and relax most of the time. She cleans, she orders the clutter and just go on. Now I realize, besides that she’s also a perfectionist, that she does that because that is the role of wife and mother. There’s always a mess in the house and (sadly) not every member of the family would help (willingly) to put it together. So mothers and wives would do all of the things they should do to make the house and situation under control.

The most realization I had was seeing the wives character in sarcastic TV cartoon like The Simpsons and Family Guy. Noticed that the wives was the most sensible and organized one, even when their husbands (always) making or doing crazy things? I used to thought, ‘How can they stay sane?’

Then I realized that if they fall apart or mad, the family would fall apart too. Another realization was they still there for the family because they love them. So they are there because it’s their role to be the sensible one (even when it should be both with the husbands to be sensible). Not that they aren’t allowed to be mad of flipped out, but it’s crucial for them being the most together.

You must be thinking, ‘You think too much. They are just cartoon characters!’ But if you are a wife and mother, you’ll understand more.

Some wives and mothers aren’t clean freaks or easy going, but they should not be happy seeing clutters and mess. Or, they do it because people can judge them for being sloppy. At the very least, they do it because they care and want the family to be healthy.

Well that’s just my ramble. What do you think? Happy Sunday, folks! 

between the mess

Has it been a month? My previous article is one attempt to get just a bit pickle for our wallet, perhaps it’s too obvious but one just can’t resist.

It has been 3 months and 2 weeks of me being my baby’s mother. And I have tasted the chaos and last month has been challenging. As I added my daily activity to cooking again. I have been missing making my own food, aside to tighten the budget.

Most precious jewels around your neck are the arms of your children
Source: Pinterest

My baby has been the highlight and the source of stress. Perhaps not the baby become the source of stress, but rather the daily care and unreadable mess. The baby doesn’t know, he just pee, poops, hungry and sleepy. Now he also loves to play. 
The baby has been adorable (and surely not aware of his cuteness), he loves to laugh and ‘talk’ with his bright eyes which makes me teary sometimes. He loves to prone and hopefully (watch out) he’ll be crawling soon. 

I don’t want to dish my rant and complaints, but you all probably know how chaotic being a mother of a baby. And you wish more help is around, which sometimes available. But there comes a day when everything happens at the same time. 

There were days, or, minutes you want to scream, and when you feel blessed. There were times you feel satisfied with what you have done as a mother, the next time you feel like a bad mother. 

Still, having a pure eye connection with your child beats all. The he laughs and smiles, and you forget all the mess. 

What have you been up to?

Being Different

from Brightside FB

Ever been in a path in life that no one you know ever goes? I’ve had it several times and in my younger years, I wondered why. I think I was used to following other’s footprints or getting told what to do.

In my second year of junior high school, I was put in a different class than my gang. I wondered why. The previous class was the smartest class. My parents had me to be put to the smartest class again in the third year, because I was upset to be put there. Perhaps I was embarrassed with my other friends from that first class. 

But you know what? I was the happiest during that second year and I was the smartest in class (maybe not the smartest, but first ranked). I met and get to know other people, and they were fun. They made me the secretary of the class by insignificant coincidence. That’s why I get to contribute more than just regular student. When I got to the third year, I felt the pressure because it’s the smartest class. 

When I was in high school, my mother said I should choose science class for my major. I didn’t want to, but she said so I could have more options to choose my college. But I choose design for my college and had courses to pass the exam for it. It was surely a different path than other science students who wanted to be doctors or other science related field. It was weird. They usually looked me strange when I told my college interest.

 One of them was surprised with my choice and said, ‘Your science skill will be wasted’. But if I can play guitar, doesn’t mean I have to be a guitarist. Other said, ‘It’s hard to pass the college exam you want to.’ Yes, but I did got in. 

That’s just little stuffs about being different. It’s harder when it comes to career and love life. Of course being different was tough at first. People can look at you oddly. People question your choices or simply question you being you. ‘She’s odd’ or they shook their heads. Maybe they will laugh at you or underestimate you. But what do they know, really? Their words are words, and they will be forgotten the next day. They never walk the same path as you. 

I have a very different path today than what I thought I will have. Never in my mind I thought I would be a full time mother (and freelancer) and be with my husband. Never in my mind I thought I would look as feminine as today (used to be tomboy). Never in my mind I thought I would live away from my family. But life just keeps surprising you like that.

Does that mean my path is wrong? Does that mean I should do what’s expected? Does that mean I go mental? 

Who determines right or wrong? Who decides what is normal? Does it matter when people who walks their path are happy with their choices?

Every people have different path. Even their personalities are different. Why should we be all the same? Why can’t we go to the path we think is the most true to us? 

What is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. What if the majority people who did everything wrong? 

*Just my rambling. Hope it’s a good read fr you