Fave Songs of : Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls is one of my favorite bands when I was in high school. I always have that mellow side, and Goo Goo Dolls represent that. These couple of days I feel like reconnect to their songs. Now I want to share my favorite songs of them. Their current album, Magnetic, will be out in May 7th. I can’t say that I follow their very updates, but I know loved two of their early albums like A Boy Named Goo and Dizzy Up The Girl. I’m sure you know their song, Iris (OST City of Angels). I also caught their song, Better Days, on Love Happens trailer. Honestly after the album Let Love In, I lose interest. I just heard their song Rebel Beat when I write this post (quite a good song! Nice to hear them in a more cheery vibe) 🙂 Forgive me, Goo Goo Dolls. Here’s to make it up to you.



Black Balloon


Acoustic #3

John Rzeznik also contributed a song for the movie Treasure Planet that I love :

John Rzeznik – I’m Still Here

Also their pinterest page is interesting and visually beautiful. Here’s my favorites :




Passion is Overrated?


Sometimes when you watch a drama movie or TV show, there’s one particular scene that sticks to your mind, even when you don’t know why. I’ve had dozens, but these couple of months I thought about one episode from New Girl in their first season. I don’t remember what title is the episode, but it’s when Jess (Zooey Deschanel) had to broke up with a rich wealthy guy, Russell (Dermot Mulroney).

Jess found out that Russell have a bad relationship with his ex-wife, so she tried to get them all a dinner together to fix their relationship. But it was useless. In fact, Jess caught their way of irritated of one another as a spark or passion they both have left. And Jess realized that she does not have that with Russell. In that moment she was (and I thought) doing okay with Russell, this handsome rich mature guy that seems like her Prince.

When she confronted her thoughts about it to Russell, the guy said, “Passion is overrated.” Russell said it with the sense of tiredness that he had experienced it with his ex-wife. But Jess disagree. And they broke up.

Jess is disappointed, and her best friend Cece said, “It’s for the best. You don’t love him.”

Spark or passion is what makes you alive, feel butterflies in your stomach, sends you to the moon. When I watched that episode, I didn’t believe that spark or passion is important. But I don’t know why the conversation between Russell and Jess keep playing in my head. I still recall Carrie from Sex & The City said,

zsa zsa zsu

“How can you sustain a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu? That butterflies-in-your-stomach thing that happens when you not only love the person, but you gotta have them. Isn’t that what gets you through the years? Even if it fades, at least you have the memory of the zsa zsa zsu.”

Yes, I’ve been like Russell. I was Russell. Tired with the sparks playing with my head. That does not mean when you have one, that relationship is meant to last. I believe that besides that, we should still maintain and work hard for the relationship. But still, when I was feeling like Russell, I longed for the feeling and I saw a couple of my friends who had it and thought, “I want those.” When you don’t have a spark with someone, is it always means you don’t love him/her?

Perhaps passion is overrated. Perhaps it felt overrated because once you get them, you can’t really stop them. It’s not like you have those with every guy/girl you met. When the relationship fail, you’ll able to see it all more in a logic state and you felt like you wake up from a dream. But aren’t we trying to chase our dreams?

Still though, relationship without passion might last, if both work hard for it. And passion can help a relationship live and alive, but also what makes you hard to let go a person, when you know it doesn’t working out.

Like someone once said, “When you’re in love, follow your heart and use your head.”

New Single : Never Wanted Your Love (She & Him)

She & Him - Thieves press1

She & Him just released their new single from their third album! I’ve been waiting for their new songs ever since they released their Christmas album. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t relate. I had a thought that Zooey Deschanel will forget her indie band because of her schedule to New Girl, but apparently I was wrong! I’ll be waiting for their new album.

I’ve been listening to them thanks to the movie 500 Days of Summer, which have an amazing soundtrack. First, I disliked Zooey’s classic tone of vocals when she covered The Smith’s song. But I began to search for more of her songs and love them more instead. Never Wanted Your Love looks like will be a hit. What do you think of the song?


love actually

When I was a kid, I watched Disney fairy tales; Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. It was planted on my mind that somewhere in life, girls are princesses and guys are princes. But during my teens and adult years (as many people are), we’re designed and programmed that reality is different. I didn’t got a kiss from my prince when I was sixteen years old, like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t have seven dwarfs who cared for me and I didn’t have a fairy god mother like Cinderella. There were many awkward moments and insecurities in my teen years. And somewhere in my early 20s, I fell in love and I got my very first deep heartbreak.

Knowing that being in love gives you absolute no control on your own feelings and knowing that the person you love have a full access to hurt you, makes me feel like being in love, well, suck. After striving to stand up on my own again, surviving (yes, that’s the word), I decided to be ready to be in love again. I was free and I opened the door in me. Perhaps this new guy wasn’t the ideal guy. But I didn’t care. As long as he cared for me, and as long as my closest people thinks he’s great. But what then? It wasn’t another great love, it wasn’t love really. I thought, hey I don’t need love. Now I can control this, I can work it out. We can work it out. But relationship need two people to work it out. It began to hit me that, I can’t work alone. And, without maintaining, it faded and I woke up realizing that I was on denial.

It struck me that even when I’m over my heartbreak and started again, I am still afraid of being in love. I’m afraid of being hurt again. I’m afraid of feeling stupid, vulnerable and exposed. The thought of ‘Why am I doing this?’ And ‘I can’t believe I wasted years and blindly in love with him’, I just can’t bear it. But really, the truth is, when you’re in love, there isn’t any other choice to try and follow. It’s a tricky thing and you can’t undo it. Aside from the pain and fear of losing, fall in love is actually a gift.

After 5 years being free of (fall in) love, I’ve finally met my next love. I built my own wall for guys, even way before that. And even though I did not respond on his approaches, he tried harder and so persistent. He climbed on to my wall and he sees everything about me. Love every little detail of me, even the part that I don’t like from myself.

I used to hear love quotes about ‘find a guy who loves you for you, who love every little bit of you’. But I couldn’t help but think there isn’t any. I was bitter for long enough I couldn’t remember. And I guarded myself not to fall into anything that might hurt me. But he takes away all that. And he himself told me, that he’s very serious and it’s the deepest feeling he ever have for a girl.

For me who survived from a heartbreak and never letting myself to go in the cycle of being in love again, it’s a surreal feeling. I’m in love myself, but a (perfect) guy who really love me for me, it’s very unusual. One in a million. Almost a fairy tale. Of course, not all of it is perfect. There are somethings that need to be work for to start a new life together, but I still a have a hard time believing that we are great together. And that we are perfect. And he does love me.

And then it struck me, why is it so hard to believe? Was it years of facing bitter truth and reality? Why is it so hard to digest that the idea of ideal relationship and marriage can be mine? Plenty of divorces and separation around, from the media and my closest people have me believe that many relationship will/can end. Even the ones with perfect wedding and the ones who started early and steady in love.

Life is all about trying and taking chances. If you don’t try, then you already lose. I am now in the state of fear. But I’ve spent my life to learn that fear has distracted me from my intentions and my goals. So, no, I won’t want fear to distract me again. I want to take courage now. And now at least, I am not the girl 10 years ago. There’s a reason why I fall in love again now. And maybe, just maybe, that he might be the one.

Raw & Real : Girls

club 1.jpg

I looked at Girls because of my pure curiosity. I kind of loathe its story at first, but I didn’t stop watching. I was kind of hooked, until now. So, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is an aspiring writer, an intern in an office who fired her and her parents decided to cut off their budget for her. I thought, yeah, so you need a job and your parents wants you to be independent. What’s new? I predicted that Girls would sell dreams, but instead it offer a bit more reality that I expected. I enjoyed how Hannah got slammed by reality, and her relationship with 3 other besties of her, who all have different characters.

These four friends kind of reminded me of Sex & The City, they’re the younger version of SATC. Fact : Hannah is an aspiring writer, while Carrie is a columnist, both in New York. Of course, what’s more real about Girls, is the exposure of their sexual lives. It’s not that Hannah or Lena Dunham have a perfect body. I think in most of episodes, she’s naked. It’s not like she annoyed by it, or proud of it, instead she’s making a story or rather a statement. Well yes, I thought of her nakedness sometimes, kind of like big baby. But, I think besides of that, I also admire her openness. Not just her, but other 3 characters who enrich the story.

I am admiring Jessa as well, for her impulsiveness, easy going and her open spirit. Marrying a man he barely knows, etc., all shows she’s doing what she wants to do because she feels it’s right. Perhaps many teenagers or girls in early 20s want to be like her, but got caged on rules and borders. But her personality isn’t going to be bold, without two girl next doors, Shoshanna and Marnie. Above all, I can see myself in Marnie and Hannah. I also recognize their closeness as best friends, how they understand each other but sometimes irritates one another.

I think what wow me about Girls, is the fact that Lena Dunham who played Hannah herself directed the show. She’s 26 years old, wears tattoo in her arm and her round posture doesn’t stop her for making a statement in this TV show. Girls recently won two Golden Globes, Best Comedy TV Show and Best Actress.

I think what makes Girls addictive to watch, is there are plenty of possibilities in its story, with the characters who are all in need to find themselves. You cannot read the plot, it doesn’t get predictable. And I hope I won’t have to add yet behind the last sentence. Most great TV shows started off great, but got tired eventually. So, Lena Dunham, keep up the good work. I do hope she won’t overdo the story of all her success.