Raw & Real : Girls

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I looked at Girls because of my pure curiosity. I kind of loathe its story at first, but I didn’t stop watching. I was kind of hooked, until now. So, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is an aspiring writer, an intern in an office who fired her and her parents decided to cut off their budget for her. I thought, yeah, so you need a job and your parents wants you to be independent. What’s new? I predicted that Girls would sell dreams, but instead it offer a bit more reality that I expected. I enjoyed how Hannah got slammed by reality, and her relationship with 3 other besties of her, who all have different characters.

These four friends kind of reminded me of Sex & The City, they’re the younger version of SATC. Fact : Hannah is an aspiring writer, while Carrie is a columnist, both in New York. Of course, what’s more real about Girls, is the exposure of their sexual lives. It’s not that Hannah or Lena Dunham have a perfect body. I think in most of episodes, she’s naked. It’s not like she annoyed by it, or proud of it, instead she’s making a story or rather a statement. Well yes, I thought of her nakedness sometimes, kind of like big baby. But, I think besides of that, I also admire her openness. Not just her, but other 3 characters who enrich the story.

I am admiring Jessa as well, for her impulsiveness, easy going and her open spirit. Marrying a man he barely knows, etc., all shows she’s doing what she wants to do because she feels it’s right. Perhaps many teenagers or girls in early 20s want to be like her, but got caged on rules and borders. But her personality isn’t going to be bold, without two girl next doors, Shoshanna and Marnie. Above all, I can see myself in Marnie and Hannah. I also recognize their closeness as best friends, how they understand each other but sometimes irritates one another.

I think what wow me about Girls, is the fact that Lena Dunham who played Hannah herself directed the show. She’s 26 years old, wears tattoo in her arm and her round posture doesn’t stop her for making a statement in this TV show. Girls recently won two Golden Globes, Best Comedy TV Show and Best Actress.

I think what makes Girls addictive to watch, is there are plenty of possibilities in its story, with the characters who are all in need to find themselves. You cannot read the plot, it doesn’t get predictable. And I hope I won’t have to add yet behind the last sentence. Most great TV shows started off great, but got tired eventually. So, Lena Dunham, keep up the good work. I do hope she won’t overdo the story of all her success.

Introducing : SunGlow & Me!

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Hello, hello. First post ever in SunGlow & Me, which is my very own personal blog. Why the name SunGlow & Me? Well, I was searching for a perfect blog name and domain. I like the idea of naming it after my favorite song. So I started to browse my most played songs. One of them is the song Heart of Gold by Neil Young. It is one of the most simple yet positive song I’ve ever heard of. But I still don’t like to use it as my blog title. Out of ideas, I started to search for name of colors. I love many of them, but eventually I feel like I should use the name Sunglow, which is one of the yellow colors. The word sun and glow look very harmonious together, and I added a little personal word ‘me’ in it. And voila, I got it!

Oh, the real reason why I started my own personal blog? I’ve got a couple of them, but eventually I grew a couple years old(er) and felt that those blogs doesn’t suit my world anymore. I’ll be writing about my thoughts, about many things. Places, experiences, ramblings, reviews, and anything. I hope this blog last. I also have another blog, dedicated to movie reviews and writings.