Updates, updates

Hey guys, it’s been soooo long.. going to make it a bit short and effective. Last time I wrote long, something’s in the way and I left it on the drafts section too long. I’ve been missing blogging. 

  • My kid is now 9 months and ever since he started to eat solids, my time can get more crowded. But love his growth and progress
  • Since I did not want to bother you about babies and all (or did you?), I have other blog about my motherhood and my baby, sunglowmama.wordpress.com with Indonesian language. Be sure to check it out! 
  • It’s the first time I did not care too much for the Oscars, as before I tend to religiously watch the nominees. Not that I completely not curious, I’d love to watch La La Land. But I noticed that after the whole Jada Pinkett Smith protest, is that this year it’s a bit more diverse with the movies and actors.
  • I noticed that my post ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ got many attention, especially since someone pinned the challenge on Pinterest. Got to straight this thing, I just want to say I don’t create the challenge but rather follow it from another blogger. Thanks and I am happy people loved it! 
  • Baby now loves to stand with holding anything, I think he is going to stand and walk a bit soon (yay! And watch out for things…uh). 
  • My Youtube history now is baby contrast animations, mainly to train his eyes and also to calm him down. The little man can be quite clingy, especially with his teeth growing. 
  • I’ve been watching Episodes from first episode, but realized that the fifth season will be out just this year and it will be the last. 
  • Also been watching Big Bang Theory from the start.
  • Ummm, what else? Just more baby stuffs to do.

That’s all for now! What’s up with you?


The Unexpected Ramadan Gift

It is currently raining and I’m writing using my cellphone, lying in bed next to a newborn who sleep sound (I’m guessing if I move or leave the bed, he can sense it since the warmth would be different). It is a joy seeing him peacefully sleeping and that he need me like that. Happiness is that simple.

I saw my friends posting tthings on social media that make them happy. Ied parcels or food/gift packages, food, people they breakfast with, and photos of them mudik or going to the city where their families are. I remember what used to make me happy on Ramadan, pretty much like that too. But today, I didn’t get any parcels, taking pictures of yummy elite restaurant food, or have the time to do any breakfasting with friends (what they also called reunion, a Ramadan culture here). Instead, I’m here enjoying the presence of my own baby.

Yes, the crying and the dirty diapers and the lack of sleeping are really something, but everytime I wake up and see his lively eyes or peaceful face, it makes everything up. This is a ‘gift’ me (and my husband) could never guess will be ours, we never thought we could be this happy having a child. Alhamdulillah. He’s so generous.

What makes you happy this Ramadan or this month?

This Year, This Ramadan…

It’s the last Friday of Ramadan. This Ramadan is totally different than ever. I didn’t do fasting because I am still on nifas (bleeding period after labor) phase and breastfeeding. There’s also an extra member in the house, usually it’s just me and my husband. To be honest after 2 years living just the two of us, it was getting predictable.

I think of Ramadan is one holy month where I can detox my mind and also my body. It’s kind of a significant month. But women who are pregnant and breastfeeding have priviliges not to fast until their urgency phase passed. I am grateful with these benefits. Taking care of a newborn really takes up everything.

This month also marks a year my dad passed away. Even though he’s gone, I know he is happy with me and husband finally have a child. For some reason he thought that we weren’t in a rush to have kids, and perhaps he was right. We just weren’t one of those couple who pushed and highly expected to immediately have kids. Our thoughts are que sera sera (whatever will be, will be). That makes the pressure less. 

Things are not ideal after my father passed away, and perhaps he’s sad knowing this. But I guess all happened for a reason and you can’t push it. I once prayed that my parents are still there when I have my kids, but you can’t always get what you want. Either way, I still feel happy with what I have today.

Who knows what happens next year? All I know is each year we keep growing and be better and better. 

Here’s What I Learn After 7 Weeks Having a Baby

Hey guys. I think I’ve been away for almost a month now? As you know, I have been busy with my baby. I can’t predict what time I can have my ‘me’ time at the moment. I also sometimes a bit confused on what to blog. Some left being drafts on the posts section. So let’s just keep it clean. Here’s what I learn about babies and motherhood for 7 weeks now (sorry if it’s boring, but my world is my baby 24/7) :

Image from Pinterest
  • Newborn can poop for 10-12 times a day (oh my, that’s one of the reasons new parents get lack of sleep)
  • Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life. The bond you get with your child and his dependency on you is such a joy
  • What amazes me is that breastfeeding also makes my body even thinner than before I got married (yaaayyy). That or, I just barely have the time to think about food.
  • Tea and coffee can make your baby awake, anxious and..did I mention not sleeping? There goes my time to do..stuffs
  • Parents and older people can give you a loooot of advice on taking care a child. I mean, a lot, like too much you know that some of them is not for you and your baby, even could not be applied for today’s method because it’s traditional
  • You can fell in love with your baby after seeing his pure eyes and laughter as easy as that
  • People can fall in love with your baby and want to cuddle them all the time (I just wish they didn’t interfere his sleeping time)
Sorry if I offend people who don’t have kids, but this are just so funny (image from Pinterest)
  • You can fall in love again and deeper with your spouse seeing them interacting and showing affection to your baby (that’s you, hubby)
  • Fabric diapers are good for your baby’s skin and make you have less trash to throw away, but more time ineffective and more waste (from laundry). 
  • At the moment, having clodi diapers is pretty much the most ideal. But instant diapers are a big help for busy times or when you’re traveling.
  • Never worry if you’re breastmilk isn’t producing much because they work automatically from the ‘demand’
  • Be careful on what you eat and always make sure you consume fresh food for your breastmilk
  • Make sure you do breastfeeding in the right position 
  • Babies can smell you and feel your presence (this feel a bit horror in some way, but I guess they just have bond or connection with you)
  • Have a great support around you (spouse and family) to take care of the baby is a big help and stress reducer
  • Mothers who breastfeed also need to be happy and rested to get great breastmilk quality. So keep doing what makes you happy
  • Me, I like to watch comedy TV shows and serials, that I watch whenever I have lunch or dinner. That helps.
  • Baby boys tend to demand a lot of breastmilk but adding formula milk can to help you can disrupt the breastmilk producing.
  • Get help to help you clean the house and cook/make food for you
  • Enjoy the moment because people say before you know it, the baby will grow and be an adult, won’t need you as much as today

That’s all for now folks. Did I make you snore? Ahah. Thanks. I know new mothers at least would like to read this post. Have a good day!