Do Nothing

Sometimes all you have to do…is nothing.

With now the baby nearly 8 months and can’t wait to explore the world now he can almost stand alone, you just can’t sit and relax. Do not talk to me about errands. The house probably reached clean state for only several seconds. But tried my best not to get it dirty.

Exhausted, drained, body aches for moving around with the baby and not with the baby (always something to do), you forget that just doing nothing is actually okay.

For you perfectionists..or women, it is hard to do nothing while there are errands to do. But sometimes it is necessary to leave it alone…for the sake of your mind. No, so what if you should clean now when the baby is asleep? You should be with your own mind for a little bit. 

Yes sometimes we can ourselves underrated our own needs. And just shut your ears when people talk. When people understand, they understand. 

Tomorrow, surely is another day. 

So how’s your day?


Bullet Point My Whole Day ~ 30 Day Writing Challenge #15


Okay. Little details and thoughts on my day. Sunday is clean up day, so it is. Get ready :

  • Oh it’s 5 am. Still sleepy. Will sleep more
  • It’s 8? I should wake up. But why wake so soon? I have lack of sleep almost every day. Couldn’t hurt to sleep more.
  • It’s 9! Oh. Should wake up. Cleaning lady isn’t coming today, so I should clean up. What should I do first?
  • Okay. I should turn on the washing machine while I prepare and eat breakfast.
  • Hubby wants to use his computer, so won’t do laundry until he finish his work (limited electricity). It’s fine, I’ll just prepare breakfast.
  • Eating my breakfast. I should broom and mop the floor. But I must cook the rice first. Maybe do cooking?
  • Washing the dishes, cook the rice, broom and then mopping the floor. I’ll just buy the food, too tired to cook.
  • Hubby says I must take it easy, stop moving for a while, so I will.
  • I want to blog, but maybe later after things are quiet. I’ll just play some games on my tab.
  • Ugh, to lazy to wake up and take a shower. But it’s getting hotter during the day.
  • Feel fresh after taking a shower. Will buy some food, but this Master Chef episode is exciting.
  • Commercial. I got to buy the food, getting hungry again. I’ll eat fish, and hubby will eat balado egg.
  • Oh, just missed some scenes and Master Chef already eliminated a contestant. I’ll just eat.
  • Watching a movie while eating and finish the movie. I feel like eating something fresh. Ice cream sounds great, but not feeling like walking to supermarket.
  • Eating a pudding is good, but it’s too soon I feel stuffed.
  • What’s my Sims character doing? Playing some games
  • Preparing lunch for hubby on his plate while he’s taking a shower.
  • Hubby is going for a meeting. Time to do some laundry.
  • Oh no, the electricity is off. Switching it on in front of landlord and his guest. Awkward.
  • Maybe I’ll fold some previous laundry while waiting for the laundry. Ah right, take the bedcover over at laundry.
  • Should I blog while waiting the laundry? No, it’s too hot.
  • Washing my new veil.
  • What should I cook tonight? I feel like trying out my new pan. I have rice. I feel like cooking fried rice and adding some vegetables. Am I too tired? No, I think I can do it.
  • It’s a good time to blog What Am I Excited About?
  • Next, blogging about 5 Movies I Never Get Tired Watching but I’m hungry so I’ll finish it after dinner
  • Cook, cook and cook. I forgot to add corned beef. I’ll just fry it with another pan.
  • Hubby’s home!
  • Time to eat. Hubby already ate a bit.
  • This fried rice is not bad. Yum!
  • Hubby’s best friend is coming over. Okay, just when I thought he never comes lately.
  • Oh. Right. Ironing some clothes.
  • Okay, time to blog again!
  • Hmm, I think I want to play more games and rest



What a day!