Do Nothing

Sometimes all you have to do…is nothing.

With now the baby nearly 8 months and can’t wait to explore the world now he can almost stand alone, you just can’t sit and relax. Do not talk to me about errands. The house probably reached clean state for only several seconds. But tried my best not to get it dirty.

Exhausted, drained, body aches for moving around with the baby and not with the baby (always something to do), you forget that just doing nothing is actually okay.

For you perfectionists..or women, it is hard to do nothing while there are errands to do. But sometimes it is necessary to leave it alone…for the sake of your mind. No, so what if you should clean now when the baby is asleep? You should be with your own mind for a little bit. 

Yes sometimes we can ourselves underrated our own needs. And just shut your ears when people talk. When people understand, they understand. 

Tomorrow, surely is another day. 

So how’s your day?


between the mess

Has it been a month? My previous article is one attempt to get just a bit pickle for our wallet, perhaps it’s too obvious but one just can’t resist.

It has been 3 months and 2 weeks of me being my baby’s mother. And I have tasted the chaos and last month has been challenging. As I added my daily activity to cooking again. I have been missing making my own food, aside to tighten the budget.

Most precious jewels around your neck are the arms of your children
Source: Pinterest

My baby has been the highlight and the source of stress. Perhaps not the baby become the source of stress, but rather the daily care and unreadable mess. The baby doesn’t know, he just pee, poops, hungry and sleepy. Now he also loves to play. 
The baby has been adorable (and surely not aware of his cuteness), he loves to laugh and ‘talk’ with his bright eyes which makes me teary sometimes. He loves to prone and hopefully (watch out) he’ll be crawling soon. 

I don’t want to dish my rant and complaints, but you all probably know how chaotic being a mother of a baby. And you wish more help is around, which sometimes available. But there comes a day when everything happens at the same time. 

There were days, or, minutes you want to scream, and when you feel blessed. There were times you feel satisfied with what you have done as a mother, the next time you feel like a bad mother. 

Still, having a pure eye connection with your child beats all. The he laughs and smiles, and you forget all the mess. 

What have you been up to?

Here’s What I Learn After 7 Weeks Having a Baby

Hey guys. I think I’ve been away for almost a month now? As you know, I have been busy with my baby. I can’t predict what time I can have my ‘me’ time at the moment. I also sometimes a bit confused on what to blog. Some left being drafts on the posts section. So let’s just keep it clean. Here’s what I learn about babies and motherhood for 7 weeks now (sorry if it’s boring, but my world is my baby 24/7) :

Image from Pinterest
  • Newborn can poop for 10-12 times a day (oh my, that’s one of the reasons new parents get lack of sleep)
  • Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life. The bond you get with your child and his dependency on you is such a joy
  • What amazes me is that breastfeeding also makes my body even thinner than before I got married (yaaayyy). That or, I just barely have the time to think about food.
  • Tea and coffee can make your baby awake, anxious and..did I mention not sleeping? There goes my time to do..stuffs
  • Parents and older people can give you a loooot of advice on taking care a child. I mean, a lot, like too much you know that some of them is not for you and your baby, even could not be applied for today’s method because it’s traditional
  • You can fell in love with your baby after seeing his pure eyes and laughter as easy as that
  • People can fall in love with your baby and want to cuddle them all the time (I just wish they didn’t interfere his sleeping time)
Sorry if I offend people who don’t have kids, but this are just so funny (image from Pinterest)
  • You can fall in love again and deeper with your spouse seeing them interacting and showing affection to your baby (that’s you, hubby)
  • Fabric diapers are good for your baby’s skin and make you have less trash to throw away, but more time ineffective and more waste (from laundry). 
  • At the moment, having clodi diapers is pretty much the most ideal. But instant diapers are a big help for busy times or when you’re traveling.
  • Never worry if you’re breastmilk isn’t producing much because they work automatically from the ‘demand’
  • Be careful on what you eat and always make sure you consume fresh food for your breastmilk
  • Make sure you do breastfeeding in the right position 
  • Babies can smell you and feel your presence (this feel a bit horror in some way, but I guess they just have bond or connection with you)
  • Have a great support around you (spouse and family) to take care of the baby is a big help and stress reducer
  • Mothers who breastfeed also need to be happy and rested to get great breastmilk quality. So keep doing what makes you happy
  • Me, I like to watch comedy TV shows and serials, that I watch whenever I have lunch or dinner. That helps.
  • Baby boys tend to demand a lot of breastmilk but adding formula milk can to help you can disrupt the breastmilk producing.
  • Get help to help you clean the house and cook/make food for you
  • Enjoy the moment because people say before you know it, the baby will grow and be an adult, won’t need you as much as today

That’s all for now folks. Did I make you snore? Ahah. Thanks. I know new mothers at least would like to read this post. Have a good day!

What Motherhood Feels


Previously, I have told you that I have never really been one of those woman who perfectly plan to have babies. Now here comes the day where I finally am… a mother.

I always have been the last child in my parents house, until my niece was born. Up until today, my mother still sees me as a kid. Even sometimes I could not help but feel like a kid around her. Until my husband (and marriage) ‘transformed’ me to be what I am today: a woman, a wife and now a mother.

There were times in my younger life where I felt awkward with babies and kids, and honestly I found them a bit annoying.

Until I feel them in my own belly, I felt them responded me when I rub my belly or talk to them. I felt like I knew him already when I saw him right after he got out from my stomach. I also noticed how my little son got calmer (stopped crying) when I am around when he just aged 2-3 days old. Even more amazed when I breastfeed him the first, second, third time and several times after that (even today!).

You can read many things about being a mother, but there’s nothing like experiencing it yourself. How a little human come out of you, looks like you, dependant to you. So pure, so clean and innocent. Some days after labor I felt amazed that I am now a mother and there’s a little infant waiting for your presence and affection. Subhanallah, if I may say. It’s the kind of joy and wonderful so great but subtle to me that it is indescribable one should experience by herself to understand.


Now a little child is hanging on to you, this big blessing, this big joy. He brings joy to others too, brings smile and hope. Everything he do, he doesn’t understand, he just do. Cry, smile, sleep, stretch, stare. It’s a lot to take, taking care of him. But underneath you still feel happy.

I can feel exhausted at times, but once it passed I feel the amazement and joy again. It’s all forgotten.

The Importance of Being Playful


Borrowing Daily Post’s topic today is about the word Playful. When I think about that word, I think about that quote I put above from the movie ‘Yes Man’ (2009).

Yes Man is about a serious man (Jim Carrey) who got cursed and can only say yes to anyone who asks him about anything, when previously he always hesitant trying new things. Amazingly, it changed his world to be more colorful. I should watch this movie again.

I have spent these last 3 weeks busy taking care of my baby (would like to tell you about the details, have written it but I got dizzy just reading about it, such hectic times!). Several times, I felt overwhelmed. It is easy to get caught of the stress, but sometimes I couldn’t help but look at the baby and just play with him. Sometimes when I was busy with laundry and stuffs, I saw my husband being playful with the baby and tease him. Precious times you sometimes forgot when you are too busy with things to do. You couldn’t make any aspect of your life to just about work and errands. You just can’t. Because when you do, you miss the point of life. 

Motherhood is amazing. I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of those mom who forgets all the fun. I’d like to play with my baby, being creative if I can to make him smarter. Being playful is still important when you are a parent, not just when you’re younger and have a fabulous single self. I hope I can still remember it when I’m older.

What do you do to stay playful? Or, what has been going on with you the last 3 weeks?