Updates, updates

Hey guys, it’s been soooo long.. going to make it a bit short and effective. Last time I wrote long, something’s in the way and I left it on the drafts section too long. I’ve been missing blogging. 

  • My kid is now 9 months and ever since he started to eat solids, my time can get more crowded. But love his growth and progress
  • Since I did not want to bother you about babies and all (or did you?), I have other blog about my motherhood and my baby, sunglowmama.wordpress.com with Indonesian language. Be sure to check it out! 
  • It’s the first time I did not care too much for the Oscars, as before I tend to religiously watch the nominees. Not that I completely not curious, I’d love to watch La La Land. But I noticed that after the whole Jada Pinkett Smith protest, is that this year it’s a bit more diverse with the movies and actors.
  • I noticed that my post ’30 Day Writing Challenge’ got many attention, especially since someone pinned the challenge on Pinterest. Got to straight this thing, I just want to say I don’t create the challenge but rather follow it from another blogger. Thanks and I am happy people loved it! 
  • Baby now loves to stand with holding anything, I think he is going to stand and walk a bit soon (yay! And watch out for things…uh). 
  • My Youtube history now is baby contrast animations, mainly to train his eyes and also to calm him down. The little man can be quite clingy, especially with his teeth growing. 
  • I’ve been watching Episodes from first episode, but realized that the fifth season will be out just this year and it will be the last. 
  • Also been watching Big Bang Theory from the start.
  • Ummm, what else? Just more baby stuffs to do.

That’s all for now! What’s up with you?


Random Thoughts : Zooey News, Oscar Noms & Cooking

  • Happy birthday to geeky darling, Zooey Deschanel! She’s 35 now, but still lookin’ cute and adorable
  • She’s expecting a baby too with his boyfriend, Jacob Pechenik (didn’t realized they were dating).
  • I had a thought that she might not be a baby person, but it’s hard to think that way when she looks motherly and loveable

new girl season 4

  • I loved New Girl‘s season 4, Girl Fight episode. Every episode where Cece and Jess are fighting are hilarious. I liked it so much, I didn’t mind watching the reruns.
  • This week the buzz is about Oscar nominations. I honestly didn’t get why people are so pissed about snubs (okay for Gone Girl should get a nomination for music score), but the slots for each nomination is just 5 and it’s just impossible to include all and please everyone.
  • Also, what do you expect? It’s Oscars, so they should pick movies and characters with inspiring and outstanding theme. Yes, just ‘cool’ isn’t enough.
  • But, I don’t know about the whole racism. I haven’t seen Selma.
  • Anyway, before I get too emotional, let’s talk about something else. These couple of weeks I’ve been trying to cook meat and I think it’s not bad. I start to ‘get to know’ it and tried variety ways to cook it.
  • One day I decided to make ribs soup but run out of seasoning, so I googled other ways to cook it and tried oriental sauce. It’s not bad at all.
  • Now I actually think that I do have a bit of cooking talent (sounds arrogant, but last year I didn’t know much about cooking). Oh just ignore this one :))

meat ig


  • I’ve been trying to make higher traffic for my other blog, but sometimes I wish I can hire someone to do the SEO and the programming. I love writing and blogging, and editorial, but the code and internet stuffs can be overwhelming
  • But I learned new ways to improve the content, which is good. It’s important not to be easily satisfied.
  • It’s quite rainy and cloudy here in my city, which makes perfect weather to do napping or being lazy
  • To think that last year, I was preparing for my wedding and worried if it would be pushed back because the fiancee was recovering from accident
  • And we were going to have a semi-outdoor wedding early year, which should be rainy. It’s funny to think about that now. No wonder my family thinks we should just have an indoor wedding.
  • I heard bad reviews about the movie Black Hat. I now have this conclusion that every movie shot in my country is bad. There’s Java Heat and Eat, Pray & Love. But I heard that there’s one Bond movie in the past that was shot in this country.
  • Okay, I’m going to have a nap now. Thanks for reading these random thoughts 🙂